Introducing’s Deals Section: the Quickest and Easiest Way to Find a Great Deal Without All the Hassle a shopping discovery search engine, announces a new deals section with hundreds of thousands of name brand products at least 30% off their regular price. Good Buy Now searches the internet for price drop, close outs, clearances and more to bring great savings to consumers.

Milwaukee, WI, July 02, 2009 --( While it has become common knowledge that the Internet is the place to find the best deals around, why does it seem like someone is hiding all the really good bargains? Shoppers can spend hours searching all over the Internet and never find the deal they are actually looking for. Those wasted hours are officially over now that ( has introduced its new Deals section (, the best repository of great bargains on the Internet. has already separated itself from other shopping websites with its huge selection of the items that people are looking for. But it’s not just the selection of over 4 million products that distinguishes; it is the comprehensive category lists, effortless search tool, and intuitive product lists that give the savvy Internet shopper everything they need at their fingertips. Plus, the Coupons section lets shoppers quickly browse between a huge selection of coupons by category, merchant, or search. Add the comparison of new products with items currently on auction at Ebay and finding the perfect item is now child’s play.

However, most Internet shoppers aren’t just looking to find the perfect product; they are looking to find the perfect product at the perfect price. While there seems to be a never ending group of websites that offer a few deals, they inevitably force shoppers to search through hundreds of products just to find the few that are on sale.’s Deals section puts an end to this needle-in-a-haystack problem by listing only the products that are on sale. While this is not the first Deals section to appear on a website, it may be the first one that excludes any product that isn’t at least 30% off. This high standard would eliminate everything from most sites, but’s Deals section boasts over a quarter of a million products in this exclusive category. This number is only going to rise as continues to add quality products and even better deals. makes it easy to find your deal amongst all these bargains by providing hundreds of categories in an intuitive column on the left side of the site. Shoppers will also find a section there that lists many of the top manufacturers, so they can quickly find the best deals on their favorite brands. When it is this easy to check out what’s on sale from brands like Canon, Nike, Apple, and Dell, shoppers will find themselves setting up reminders so they don’t forget to check the deals every month. Finally, the merchant list makes it easier to find deals for Zappos products at than at their own site. However shoppers would be wise to just go into the Shoes category so they can find every shoe that is on sale.’s intuitive search has been expanded to include the new Deals section. When shoppers select Deals Only from the Search dropdown list, they are taken to the same exclusive set of at least 30% off products. The search result list provides the user with all the necessary information to make their decision including: product name, a picture of the product, the regular and sale prices, and the merchant’s name and shipping charges. Finally, when the shopper clicks on their bargain, they get a full product description along with a list of any additional sales or specials offered by the merchant.

Finding the best deal no longer requires scouring the Internet, just take a visit to (

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