SlideFinder, the PowerPoint Search Engine. Because Searchers Shouldn't Have to Guess.

Searching for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations using traditional search engines can be a tedious and frustrating trial-and-error effort, leaving the user with a list of links to PowerPoint files that are less than optimal. The user is left to the struggle of opening and sifting through each individual file before finding the right PowerPoint presentation. SlideFinder, treats the individual slide as the smallest entity of the presentation, instead of dreary file listings.

Stockholm, Sweden, July 02, 2009 --( The new SlideFinder search engine, aimed specifically at PowerPoint presentations, allows users to search for presentations in a way that hasn’t been possible with traditional search engines.

Imagine if instead of showing the exact URL of a search result, a search engine would only name the site where the result was to be found. To find the page, the searcher would have to visit the site and look for the specific page of interest. As primitive as it sounds, this is how traditional search engines treat presentations.

SlideFinder views the presentation in the same light as other search engines view the site. Instead of viewing the presentation just as a large file, SlideFinder’s search renders the individual slides using thumbnails. Breaking down the search result to single slides enables the search engine to display a visual search result page. Users can see exactly what each slide looks like without leaving the browser. In addition, while hovering a specific slide the users are able to read the speaker notes that the presenter has written for that slide.

The SlideFinder search engine has currently four million indexed slides coming from roughly 120 000 presentations. These numbers are growing every day. The SlideFinder search engine can be found at

About Slidefinder:

SlideFinder is a newly started company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is licensing the search engine and presentation management system from Novatrox AB. The company aims at simplifying searches for presentations and slides on the Internet.


Christer Ogenstad, CEO
SlideFinder AB
Tjärhovsgatan 21
116 28 Stockholm
+46 – 70 418 43 88

SlideFinder AB
Christer Ogenstad
+46 – 70 418 43 88