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A Free Hardwood Rocking Chairs & Glider Rocking Chairs Guide is now available as an e-Book from Mennonite Furniture Studios at This publication teaches what to insist on and what to avoid when buying a quality hardwood rocking chair for your family.

Kenton, DE, July 03, 2009 --( Mennonite Furniture Studios is offering a new Free Rocking Chairs & Glider-Rockers Guide from it’s online rocking chairs catalog at

Mennonite Furniture Studios is the workshop-direct online sales catalog and information portal representing American Heirloom Furniture, based in Delaware. The workshop is staffed by Mennonite and Amish furniture craftsmen who produce hand built and hand finished hardwood furniture. They specialize in producing “Heirloom Quality” hardwood furniture at surprisingly affordable prices.

“Our new FreeRocking Chairs & Glider-Rockers Guide was produced because we believe that an educated furniture buyer is a better furniture buyer” explained Ethan Zimmerman (Furniture Production Manager). “The Rocking Chairs & Glider-Rockers Guide tells you what to “insist on” and what to “avoid” when buying Heirloom Quality rocking chairs or glider-rockers for your legacy furniture collection. All of our rocking chairs & glider-rockers are built in America by Mennonite and Amish craftsmen. We use premium quality hardwoods and legacy carpentry techniques, hand-building and hand-finishing every rocking chair & glider-rocker to order. We thoroughly understand what differentiates a well-built rocking chair, that will last for generations, from a mass-produced rocking chair, that will not, and we want to pass that information on to the furniture buying marketplace. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how little extra they need to pay for a true American hand-built, Heirloom Quality, solid hardwood rocking chair or glider-rocker. We offer many rocking chair and glider-rocker styles in our online catalog including Windsor rocking chairs & glide- rockers, Square Frame rocking chairs, Hardwood Seat rocking chairs & glider-rockers, and Upholstered Seat rocking chairs & glider-rockers. You get to choose the type of hardwood and there is a wide range of finish colors, as well as custom finishes available. We hope that you enjoy the free e-Book and that you will choose to buy your rocking chairs or glider-rockers from us.”

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