Conquest Math Releases Workbook to Teach Everybody Algebra

Too many students just don't "get" algebra. Xs, Ys, negatives and negative negatives and graphs are just so confusing. This workbook (which can be used with or without another text) teaches algebra through graphing, relating it to real world ideas that make it relatively simple.

Sacramento, CA, July 07, 2009 --( After over twenty years of teaching algebra to middle and high school students, Mr. Holmes got to know what skills were making students flunk algebra, some flunking year after year. When he hit upon a way to explain the most treacherous part of algebra, graphing Y=mX+b, in a way that all students could understand, he figured that he had a new way to approach the teaching of it. He then took a successful curriculum which he already designed, used and modified it to incorporate a lot more graphing.

The book is available through, available as Part 1, Part 2, or parts 1 and 2 combined. At the company's web site,, there is a free demo of a series of lessons/games to learn Kindergarten math concepts.

Also available from Conquest Math are both a series of little programs to teach pre-algebra skills and another one to teach algebra skills. These are also free for trial for the 2009-2010 school year. Eventually, there will be lessons/games to teach math from the current Kinderten lessons/games all the way through algebra.


Conquest Math
Steven D. Holmes