Facebook App Monetizing Networks Hits 1K Member Mark in 5 Days

The explosive growth of a new Facebook application underscores the growing trends of businesses, and individuals alike, seeking to monetize their social networking activities.

Los Angeles, CA, July 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A new Facebook application, published by ReferQuest.com, a refer-and-reward forum, reached a significant milestone in 5 days of being open to the public – 1,000 users. Demand for the application, available at http://apps.facebook.com/referquest/, underscores the continuing trends of individuals seeking ways to monetize their online activities. The ReferQuest Application allows Facebook users to post needs and offer finder’s fees to those who help them fill those needs, and is available to Facebook users in North America.

Traditionally, social networks have been regarded as a way to stay in touch with friends and family, and to associate with new people to build online relationships. However, with Facebook purportedly fast-approaching 2 billion visits per month, as per Compete.com’s web analytics tool, social networking holds much more value than just simple communication amongst community members.

Many individuals, and companies alike, are seeking ways to monetize their social activities, and the ReferQuest application is one such tool that helps to fill this developing need. "Facebook has let users aggregate a wealth of social capital. The ReferQuest Facebook application lets them translate it into speedier searches [for goods or services]...or even incremental income," states Camille Landau, the CEO of ReferQuest.com.

Examples of current rewards offered through the ReferQuest application reflect the diversity of the new users, and further reinforce the fact that individuals, and businesses alike, are interested in utilizing their social activities for their betterment:

• $40 offered to recommend a ‘green’ house cleaner

• $16 offered to recommend a painting instructor

• $20 offered to recommend a Mandarin tutor

The credit for the initial success of the ReferQuest application, according to Landau, is due to Facebook’s current popularity. She also hints at why an application, such as the ReferQuest app, can help users to monetize their social activities, “the ReferQuest application is growing very quickly, because so many people have aggregated large networks on Facebook. It gives them a way to leverage their own network's power, as well as their friends' and friends-of-friends networks."

About ReferQuest.com

ReferQuest.com (http://www.referquest.com) is a refer and reward forum which allows users to offer finder’s fees to those who help them get their needs filled. ReferQuest’s new Facebook application is available online at http://apps.facebook.com/referquest/

Camille Landau / CEO ReferMe, Inc.
10801 National Blvd. #600
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 237-5646

Camille Landau
Camille Landau / CEO ReferMe, Inc.
10801 National Blvd. #600
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 237-5646