Almeda University Celebrates the Working Contributions of Their Students

Almeda University celebrates the working contributions of their students. The student's work experience, along with the guidance of Almeda University, encourages the student to further develop their professional skills, instead of snuffing out this experience with re-learned text material.

San Juan, PR, July 05, 2009 --( Almeda University degree is highly beneficial for both Almeda University graduates and their employers. A recent independent research study found that Almeda University is the leading learning institution for producing experienced and professional, job-ready graduates that have the drive to succeed.

Almeda University provides students with a unique online learning environment and a life experience degree program. Students are encouraged to earn their degree through professional development. At Almeda University, previous and current hands-on work related experience is recognized as academic achievement and can count as credits required for achieving a degree. This makes Almeda University stand out from the other learning institutions that primarily focus on textbook concepts that virtually force students to endure the theoretical version of hands-on work experience they've already achieved, but is not considered valid by the institution.

Studies have uncovered that since Almeda University graduates already have the professional capabilities that only real world job experience can provide, they have the immediate upper hand over graduates that earned their degree from text-booked based learning institutions. Furthermore, having previous job skills in the degree pursued and achieved makes a world of difference in the probability and success of Almeda University graduates finding employment in their professional field. Graduates feel confident that they have the expertise to do the job, and the life experience degree to show for it.

Employers benefit in many ways from hiring Almeda University graduates. One of the main benefits is the employer does not need to invest time and money in training new graduates on-the-job practical skills. Almeda University graduates already posses these skills, along with professional etiquette, and business understanding from being exposed to real world experience.

An Almeda University graduate is also an excellent addition to a working team. Graduates often have practical experience working in teams and have the interpersonal skills that are essential for effective, positive and professional communications with coworkers, as well as for understanding the implications when contributing to projects that require team work. In addition, Almeda University graduates have developed leadership skills because they have significant experience in decision making and project innovation. Graduates have a strong work ethic and are highly valuable to an organization because they know what it takes to succeed, and are ready to serve as positive leaders in their field of expertise.

These internal studies also show that Almeda University improves the credibility in the marketplace for both graduates and employers. Almeda University offers a number of degrees in a variety of academic fields, and has been providing the best-educated employees to organizations around the world for a decade. Thus, an employer that hires a graduate holding an Almeda University degree can be confident that they have chosen the best person for the job.

Almeda University is ideal for many people seeking advanced education because of the wide range of Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees offered through diverse fields, including business, arts and sciences, and most technical fields.

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Richard Franklin