Fitness Bootcamps Come to Grandview Heights

Yun Fitness Boot Camps of Columbus announced today that they are opening up a second location of their boot camp program in Grandview Heights. Look Better Naked.

Columbus, OH, July 06, 2009 --( August 3rd, 2009. That’s the date that is set and has been officially announced for Yun Fitness Bootcamps to invade the suburb of Grandview Heights. Although technically not in the city limits of Grandview, just seconds away, this still is prime territory to expand this ultra fat burning fitness program.

Jason Yun, the owner and creator of Yun Fitness Bootcamps is extremely excited about the second location. ‘I grew up in Grandview and went to school here. I’m sure the people here have just been waiting for this kind of program to arrive,’ Yun proclaims.

Opening a second location in Grandview, one of Columbus’ centralized suburbs, is simply the next step in Yun’s, and his company Yun Strength and Fitness Systems LLC, to help Columbus become one of the fittest cities in the United States.

The fitness bootcamps have become something very popular in recent years, but there are several things that set Yun’s camp apart from the others. The first being the nutritional help that goes along with the camp. Every week a new nutrition article is sent out to help camp members get a grasp of the latest nutritional trends. And for those wanting even more nutritional help he offers a info-packed e-newsletter. Just recently the first ever Columbus ‘Biggest Loser’ contest was launched with over 30 participants entering looking to change their lives and look better naked.

Truly though what everybody likes is free stuff. And this Columbus fitness bootcamp doesn’t disappoint. For those that make it past their 2-week try out a free T-Shirt is awaiting. ‘What most of the campers are waiting for is the monthly prize drawing,’ Yun states, ‘We give away special T-shirts, sweatshirts, duffel bags, Prograde Supplements, gift cards, and camp discounts.’

Even with all the extra help that this Columbus Fitness Camp gives the most important factor still is the fact that Yun’s Boot Camps works. The results are guaranteed and the workouts are intense, challenging, different everyday, and a whole bunch of fun.

Every boot camp starts with a free 2-week try out. Grandview’s camp will be up and running August 3rd. For more information go to Jason Yun is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and sports nutritionist. If you have questions about his bootcamps or would like to schedule him to speak at your local Columbus organization or group please call 614-432-9703 or email him at

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Jason Yun