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New York, NY, July 07, 2009 --( It’s often said “It isn’t what you know, but who you know”. No one knows this better than those actively involved in the latest social networking trends.

Developments in social networking have opened up opportunities that, until recently, were unimaginable. While social networking was originally intended to connect students, businesses have been the latest group to benefit from this powerful tool. Businesses that were once confined to specific geographic regions are now able to collaborate with other businesses and professionals from across the globe. is one of the latest and greatest niche social networking sites working to connect like-minded professionals. Not only does cater specifically to the real estate market, but users are able to refine their networking searches to include only those real estate professionals with certain roles, such as realtor and real estate investors. Such features are unique to what are called “niche social networks”, which develop custom features to accommodate the demands of specific interest groups.

While it is certain that social networking is here to stay, what is uncertain is in which direction social networking will go next.

Alex Siniavin