OJSC RAD: New Approach to Agriculture

One of the major Russian grain growing companies RAD, OJSC PAVA`s subsidiary, implements a new approach to agriculture, including no-till system and crop rotation.

Barnaul, Russia, July 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- OJSC “Russian Agricultural Division”, OJSC PAVA`s subsidiary, is aimed at the development of grain growing technologies. The company not only purchases modern machinery and equipment, provides the effective staff training, but also applies progressive approaches in agriculture. Innovation methods for soil cultivation, use of fertilizers and protection of crops lead to productivity enhancing and soil recovery.

Transition to the progressive no-till system in RAD consists in minimal impact on soil and soil erosion decrease, which is of great importance for Altay lands. Moreover, this method allows to save time and reduce the use of machinery as no deep cultivation is needed. No ploughing and subsurface tillage makes zero cultivation a promising method. As a result, it maximizes the productivity and quality of crops.

Due to crop rotation, the soil is not exhausted and the use of fertilizers and pesticides is minimized.

Complex use of these methods helps to maximize soil productivity, cut total expenses, save operating time that will finally reduce the production cost. Thus, the company will enhance the effectiveness of agricultural production and contribute to preserving Altay soil resources.

Elena Usova