Millbrook Holdings LLC Announces Launch of Website

Folcroft, PA, July 08, 2009 --( Millbrook Holdings LLC, a woman owned business founded in 2006, has launched a new ecommerce site that provides a complete line of professional salon equipment and beauty supplies for salons, spas, stylists, barbers, and estheticians, as well as the general public. offers products from well-known, high-end and major salon equipment and beauty product manufacturers. is the online extension of it’s sister brick and mortar business, Salon Supplies + Interiors, also located in Folcroft, Pa, which has been in continuous operation since 1981. strives to give its clients the best in customer service and support, while also expediting customer orders in the speediest and most timely fashion. “One of the things we noticed while selecting products for the website is that many other sites offering salon products had a tremendous waiting period from the time the order was placed to the time the product shipped. We believe that in order to be competitive with online salon product sales, you have to able to get the products to the customer as fast as possible. Most of our products from will ship within 48 hours.” says Elizabeth Goldstein, Millbrook Holdings managing member.

“While the website is still new, we will continue adding and changing the (salon) products provided on our website to fit the current and future needs of our clients.” Goldstein continues. is also looking for affiliates to help spur the site’s growth. “We’re looking to partner with established beauty industry companies who may not be selling online. We offer very competitive commissions on sales, as well as other benefits. We are currently pursuing several prospects for affiliates and plan to announce our first affiliate partnership by the end of July.” says Goldstein., based in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary of Millbrook Holdings LLC, headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania.

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David Goldstein
617A Grant Road
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David Goldstein
(866) 946-5556