Lost Wages Author James Alexander to Rant on YouTube

Las Vegas, Nevada author James Alexander has released his first in a series of video "rants" on YouTube. After releasing his first novel, Lost Wages: A Las Vegas Christmas Tale this May, Alexander decided to satire some of the same topics covered in his book by starring in video rampages certain to raise an eyebrow and a smile.

Las Vegas, NV, July 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Lost Wages author James Alexander has augmented the content of his novel as well as his site www.worldofjamesalexander.com with a Video Rant on YouTube.com which takes aim at Homeowner's Associations. The video which features Alexander shredding a copy of the Bill of Rights to illustrate that "due process" certainly may be sacrificed in the pursuit of higher property values was released on Thursday, July 2.

Alexander is certain that the comedic delivery of the first rant will strike a chord with those who have experienced the ridiculous notion that Homeowner's Associations contribute to higher property values by pestering residents with notices and fines for minimal infractions.

"In the current economic climate, the notion that HOAs have anything to do with value of one's home has certainly lost its credibility. Market value has reared its ugly head and brought home the realization that associations are basically negligible factors."

A link to the video rant on YouTube is available through www.worldofjamesalexander.com.

James Alexander
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