Online Career Advancement (OCA) Expands Program Courses

Highly rewarding, in-demand, professional healthcare career preparation courses will be added to Online Career Advancement (OCA) education program

New York, NY, July 09, 2009 --( Online Career Advancement (OCA), known for its online medical coding certificate programs, supports professional healthcare career development with online career preparation courses. Currently, the company has expanded online educational programs as a result of a worldwide increase in demand for health care professionals.

According to a recent national survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), the best way to address the high demand for, and critical shortage of, professional health care workers is to provide opportunities for career exploration and adequate preparation for people planning to pursue health care certifications, licensing, and post-secondary education programs.

The Online Career Advancement (OCA), prep courses are designed to increase the chances of success for people planning to pursue health care education, training, and certification programs. The AHCI career preparation model consists of three main components: 1) health care career exploration, knowledge, and awareness; 2) courses to prepare for certification, licensing, and post-secondary education programs; and 3) resources and references necessary to support and enhance your career success.

The expanded program will allow participants to prepare for the most challenging, rewarding, and in-demand professional health care careers. Some of the career preparation courses that Online Career Advancement will offer include dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, nutrition, and radiology.

Information on the Online Career Advancement (OCA) courses can be found at

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Leonard Cox