Launches to Answer Thousands of Questions About PCI Compliance

Educational website created to help companies answer PCI compliance questions.

Dallas, TX, July 09, 2009 --( All companies who have PCI concerns will have industry news and free tools at their fingertips beginning today at The new website is provided by one of the leading managed web hosting providers, NeoSpire, Inc., which has created the website to better educate the public regarding PCI compliance topics.

“With so much uncertainty regarding what PCI is and what to do about it, we wanted to provide the public a definitive place where they could get answers. is a vital resource for education and information,” explains Sean Bruton, Director of Security. “With this website, anyone who is concerned with being PCI compliant will have better information and resources to help achieve full compliance.”

FocusOnPCI was designed to help anyone who accepts credit or debit cards over the Internet, telephone, or terminal as payment, gain insight into what PCI is and how to get started on becoming compliant. This website offers resources such as: PCI standards, PCI penalties, PCI governance, penalty calculators, a compliance gap assessment, and a discussion board to get answers to their questions.

FocusOnPCI is part of NeoSpire’s efforts to proactively educate the public about issues that might affect them and to provide the best possible online experience. The company's development team put their efforts toward designing the user-friendly interface and plans on continually updating and adding new features to the website.

About aims to educate on the topic of the Payment Card Industry and its standards. The website offers important educational and resource pages such as: PCI standards, PCI governance, PCI penalties and calculations, and a compliance gap assessment.

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