"Our Home Path" Launches Learn to Buy, Sell and Profit in Any Market with "Ted Tortoise Seminars"

San Diego, CA, July 09, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Learn to Buy, Sell and Profit in Any market with this summer’s Ted the Tortoise Seminars. Renters, re-locaters, home sellers, divorcees and small businessmen can now take advantage of what experts across the country state is a once in a lifetime opportunity with this unique program for home ownership and investment. The “Our home Path” program provides a special opportunity to create generous returns for generations through a sound, solid slow and steady investments.

The “Ted the Tortoise” seminars have developed a co-ownership program that has the possibility of solving many, if not most of the problems faced by both qualified renters and investors. There is no “flash and dash”; the Program is patterned after the Tortoise and his battle with the Hare. Plodding slow and steady returns worth bragging about – compared to any investment. The Restic Properties service mark is “Ted the Tortoise”.

Historically proven throughout the decades, real estate has seen peaks and valleys. However, one thing has remained constant, even during down trends in real estate markets, home sellers still need to sell, and home buyers still need to buy. History has supported and proven that real estate is still a solid investment over time. Real estate analyst state that individuals with the ability to obtain real estate in our current market will recognize strong returns.

Ted Irvine, CEO of Restic Properties is proud to introduce “Ted the Tortoise” and the “Our Home Path” program. “We believe simultaneously, it solves the renting dilemma for select tenants, and eliminates the headaches and management problems in single-family residential real estate for investors seeking above-average returns.”

Restic Properties recognized that investors have steered away from residential real estate as a superior investment class. This has been based on perceived problems; too much work. The “Our Home Path” program provides answers and solutions to those challenges. The “Ted the Tortoise” Seminars provides an answer for home buyers that lack the cash, credit, reserves, or income to qualify for a loan. The Restic Team of experts has over 100 years of experience, and has developed a safe and steady solution for successfully closing real estate transactions that mutually benefits and protects all parties.

Realtors that are working part time jobs based on the lack of sales commissions to pay the bills as well as mortgage brokers looking for new professions because of crazy and ever changing underwriter's guidelines. The “Our Home Path” program provides those agents and brokers with the opportunity to utilize our system.

Ted the Tortoise says “We are living in an opportune time. Rarely do we recognize it. Fear and uncertainty are our worst enemies, yet there are more millionaires being made today than at any time in history. Seventy Four percent of their wealth comes from Real Estate”.

Ted will be hosting free Seminars in Southern California in July and August 2009 for occupant investors and capital investors, along with launching the Tortoise’s Investment newsletter – “Slow and Steady”. To register contact their corporate office or register online at www.ourhomepath.com

Restic Properties is the Southern California-based residential real estate management firm that specializes in the “Our Home Path” program and is organized as a California corporation with headquarters in Southern California. Phone number 760-448-4419, Carlsbad, California 92008 or ourhomepath.com.

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