Fidelity Debt Solutions Completes Audit, Receives Third-Party Accreditation

San Diego, CA, July 10, 2009 --( Fidelity Debt Solutions, a California-based debt settlement and negotiation firm, is pleased to announce the completion of an independent, third-party audit to ensure industry compliance and best practice standards. The audit was run through the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) and performed by BSI Management Systems (BSI), an independent third-party auditing agency.

“We are pleased to have been accredited by such as respected organization such as BSI,” said T.J. Belfanti, chief operating officer for Fidelity Debt Solutions.

“This was a very thorough and professional review of Fidelity Debt Solutions that will ultimately benefit our current and future customers,” he added.

The BSI Accreditation of Fidelity Debt Solutions is significant because its customers will have confidence knowing they are dealing with an accredited and legitimate debt settlement company that has been through a rigorous process to ensure best business practices are being implemented.

With more and more consumers falling behind on their credit card payments, many are seeking third-party assistance and often have difficulty in determining what company or organization to work with. Audits such as the one performed on Fidelity Debt Solutions are one of several ways that consumers can confidently determine which company to partner with.

“There are many debt settlement companies to choose from,” noted Belfanti. “So it is important that consumers know what their options are and we want to educate them on why working with Fidelity Debt Solutions is a choice they can be very comfortable with.”

In addition to the audit by BSI, Fidelity Debt Solutions also has several internal programs in place to ensure industry compliance.

Fidelity Debt Solutions works with consumers who are or will be behind on credit card payments, have $15,000 or more in unsecured debt and have some form of income to continue making payments. Fidelity Debt Solutions is ideal for consumers who want to get out of debt and are seeking an option to filing for bankruptcy.

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TJ Belfanti