New Mobile Applications Website Provides Marketing Opportunities for Developers

San Diego, CA, July 11, 2009 --( Launched in April 2009, mobile applications website Appmodo ( has grown to become the latest go-to website for users and application developers in the mobile applications industry.

Targeting the Apple iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry platforms, Appmodo continues to grow exponentially through daily news updates, application reviews, personal interviews, hardware reviews, and more. Appmodo delivers an impressive range of unique editorial content for mobile application users, and spans multiple distribution channels such as Twitter, Digg, RSS feeds and other forms of new media. Appmodo also optimizes content for major search engines to boost traffic rankings, increase relevant mobile application content, and provide new marketing and branding opportunities for companies and developers.

Working with a variety of clients such as Bolt Creative, StormBASIC Games, Artificial Life, and 2XL Games, Appmodo provides a unique opportunity for companies and developers to reach mobile application users across several mobile platforms. Jason Coe, Editor for Appmodo, believes that "most mobile application websites on the Net do not review an entire application, often providing only a two minute review and not enough detail."

Coe continues, "online promotion outside of the App Store is absolutely essential to developers. Apple iTunes and the App Store are inundated with thousands of applications, and good apps are often buried. Appmodo has been recognized for consistent, top notch coverage by providing detailed reviews." As one of Appmodo's clients, Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative says, "Appmodo is the Iron Chef of all app review sites."

To explore the new Appmodo marketing and branding opportunities available for your company, contact Jason Coe directly at 858-935-7300 ext. 106 or email

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