Feng Shui Lighting, Inc. (FSL) Has Launched a New Line of Decorative Lighting Called Flora and Fauna

Feng Shui Lighting Inc. produces decorative lighting inspired by nature and influenced by the principals of Feng Shui. Current projects include hospitality, healthcare and residential applications. Flora and Fauna Collection is the newest addition to the lighting collections offered by FSL.

Lansdale, PA, July 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Peeking Inside Reveals Flora and Fauna

Feng Shui Lighting, Inc., (FSL) has launched a new line of decorative lighting called Flora and Fauna. FSL, known for its Nature Inspired Lighting fixtures has collaborated with Brian G. Thornton, a Las Vegas architect and designer to bring a fresh design approach to textile shade lighting fixtures.

The inspiration for the Collection was the experience of catching a peek of the exquisite lining of a fine understated garment. The Collections’ signature fixture is an open drum shade. The typical design of drum shade light fixtures includes an acrylic diffuser on the bottom, put there to hide the inside of the shade. Viewing the light fixture from below one sees a piece of white acrylic.

Thornton’s design is radically different. Rather than hide the interior, Thornton celebrates it. Looking inside one sees a magnificent haute couture fabric…either a stylized Zebra print (Fauna) or Garden Print (Flora). The fabrics glow and provide a visual treat when looking inside the shade.

The Collection offers designers abundant opportunities for tailoring the look as they wish. The solid outer shade color options include ivory, white, black, red, chocolate and custom colors. The fittings are offered in nickel, chrome and blackened aluminum in polished or satin finishes. Finials, crystals and decorative trims are added accessories to the fixture that a designer may add to personalize their light, akin to adding jewelry to an ensemble.

This Collection is conceived as an illuminated design element that brings the sense of Flora or Fauna to hospitality, upper end residential, healthcare, or spa environments. The Collection was introduced at a Private Reception in Las Vegas. A Video Trailer of the Collection can be seen on the FSL website.

About Feng Shui Lighting, Inc.
Each lighting fixture is designed to honor one of the nine balancing aspects of life that cultivate harmony and good fortune or one of the five elements of nature to bring natural beauty and balance to your space. FSL’s Philosophy: We are greatly affected by what we see and what it means to us. By consciously creating and selecting what we illuminate in our space, we can shine light on our intentions in order to fulfill them. Feng Shui Lighting is a unique company dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives through the beauty of light and the philosophy of Feng Shui.

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