LearnWindows2003.com Offers Free Video Tutorials for Windows 2003

Dallas, TX, August 26, 2006 --(PR.com)-- LearnWindows2003.com, a website devoted to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 tutorials, has just made several of its video tutorials for Windows 2003 developers and systems administrators available for free. LearnWindows2003.com features video training recorded by an expert instructor and contains an additional 25 hours worth of downloadable training videos for subscribers.

Included in this month's release of free videos are videos on:

· Active Directory Management: How to Add a New User – This 13-minute video is recorded by expert training and Windows guru Grant Moyle and is an excellent introduction to working with users and groups in the Active Directory (AD). Discussion topics include adding users to the AD  including adding users to Local Groups, Domain Groups, and Organizational Units (OUs)

· How to Defragment the Windows Page File – The Paging file (also called the Swap File or the Paging File) can become fragmented depending upon use which can degrade system performance. This video walks you through a few tips for using the built-in Windows defragmenting tool to optimize your system and shows you how you can defragment the paging file (the big green block seen in the defragmenter)

· Preparing Windows 2000 Active Directory to Support Windows 2003 Domain Controllers – This video helps administrators understand the preliminary steps that they'll want to go through before installing a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller into a Windows 2000 Active Directory. If you are planning a Windows 2003 upgrade, you'll want to watch this video to learn what you need to do to ensure a successful upgrade

· How to Implement a Software-Based RAID 5 Array - RAID 5 is the fastest performing redundancy option for most small and medium-sized installations and this video shows you how to set it up for using Disk Management

· How to Raise Domain and Forest Functional Levels - Depending on the status of your Active Directory and the type of domain controllers you use, it might be time for you to update the functional level of your domain controllers. In this video you'll view the details on how to change from Mixed Mode to Windows 2003 Native Mode and the particulars of each mode

Visit http://www.LearnWindows2003.com/FreeVideos/ to download these free Windows 2003 video tutorials.

Scott Whigham
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