HobNobMurfreesboro Visits with Local Certified EcoBroker David Balfour

Murfreesboro real estate professional certified to address and encourage the benefits of energy efficiency and green features in homes.

Murfreesboro, TN, July 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- David Balfour of RE/MAX Elite in Murfreesboro, has earned the EcoBroker Certified® designation, having successfully completed an award-winning informative training program on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions. Balfour joins the movement of professionals pushing the real estate market toward energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthier features in homes and buildings, and is the first Realtor to earn this designation with a Rutherford County business address. Today's focus on high-performance energy-efficient homes is a priority for this type of high-quality real estate professional earning the EcoBroker Certified® designation. EcoBrokers® like David are building premier market presence by serving as consumer and community resources on energy and environmental issues. With national surveys indicating that 9 out of 10 consumers consider energy efficiency and the environmentally sound aspects of a home to be almost as important as interior finishes, Certified EcoBrokers® are simply in a better position to serve the savvy real estate consumer.

“I'm always looking for the best ways to not only offer my clients the best value but to also develop a relationship where they feel I am a trusted resource,” David explains. “My EcoBroker Certified® training helps me ensure that my customers, who are my number one priority, get the knowledge they need. The EcoBroker Certified® designation doesn't make me an energy and environmental expert, but it puts me in a position to recognize issues and convey information on the products and services available. Possibly the most exciting component of this program is the ability to potentially offer a home seller a very unique advantage, wherein we can promote their home to incorporate energy-efficient upgrades, without bearing the expense of personally installing them. Buyers may have the option of incorporating the upgrades into their FHA mortgage, yet realize a reduction in monthly housing expenses, due to the decrease in utility bills. It.s a triple-win. The sellers get a marketing advantage, the buyers receive an improved quality of life (and lower expenses), and we are all helping the environment through reduced energy needs in the home.”

David earned his EcoBroker Certified® designation in June and is wasting no time putting the tools and additional expertise to work. David has identified key resources that will be instrumental in turning this campaign into a reality. “While I have not really invented anything."

“I quickly determined that programs available to this market are being dramatically underutilized. My opinion is most people are willing to be more environmentally responsible, but may not be ready to spend more money, or significantly change their daily lives to do it. This program has the ability to allow these same people to become more responsible, without sacrificing the daily regiment or pocketbook. It's really quite exciting.”

EcoBroker International's premier designation program is designed exclusively for real estate professionals who care about the environment and want to help their clients benefit from the energy-efficiency, “green,” and healthier features of properties. The extensive curriculum of energy and environmental training requires participants to fulfill additional program requirements to become Certified EcoBrokers®. “David is an example of the quality real estate professional the EcoBroker Certified® designation continues to attract,” explains EcoBroker International CEO Dr. John Beldock. “These real estate professionals are not only distinguishing themselves in a competitive market place, but they are really giving back to the community in very constructive and meaningful ways. Murfreesboro needs more contributors like David. The planet and our grandchildren need them, too,” says Dr. Beldock.

The program also teaches its members how best to market and position themselves for that competitive edge within the real estate platform. From his office on Barfield Crescent Rd, David explains, “With EcoBroker's training; I have broadened the range of real estate opportunities I offer my clients. I'm in a position to help. The real estate industry is forever changing and our nation faces complex environmental issues. To best serve my clients, I need to understand the newest products, technologies and issues as they affect today's real estate market. My EcoBroker Certified® designation helps me stay ahead of the game."

For additional information on what it means to be a Certified EcoBroker®, please contact:

David Balfour
Managing Broker, RE/MAX Elite
Phone: 615-898-1144

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