AirPloyment, LLC Launches Its Resume Services

AirPloyment, LLC launches Resume services for Pilots and Flight Attendants. Focusing on the Indian Aviation market as well as the American Aviation Market, Airployment is projecting 2000-3000 resumes to be submitted over the course of the next month.

Rochester, MN, July 13, 2009 --( Breaking ground as usual, has launched its Aviation Resume Services for Aviation professionals. Focusing primarily on the Indian and American Aviation markets, this new service allows AirPloyment users to submit their resume to be distributed in a resume book worldwide. “It is something that has been needed in the industry for a long time. Aircrafts get listed in directories and are distributed to companies worldwide, so we are doing that with our professionals. We’re getting back to basics, and putting it back on paper. Over 1000 companies in the USA and 126 in India will receive this resume directory. I guarantee that this will increase your chances at getting a good job”, said AirPloyment CEO Neil Khosla. With the aviation industry being in such a terrible shape, many are leaving their first passion for secondary jobs. “Many of my friends have become bartenders or waiters just to make ends meet. We are really dedicated to helping those individuals who still have a spark for aviation, but just can’t seem to get placed with a job. The Resume Services by AirPloyment,LLC will definitely help out”, explained Mr. Khosla. AirPloyment, LLC is projecting 2,000-3,000 individuals to submit their resume for this service. For more information, visit

Neil K Khosla