New Whitford Coating Extends Release Life of Coated Components as Much as 50 Times

Runcorn, Cheshire, United Kingdom, July 15, 2009 --( Release coatings are crucial to many industries, such as commercial bakeware, reprographics, molding, etc. and release coatings have been around for some time. Their chief problem is that the release characteristic tends to wear off quickly, requiring expensive recoating of parts, costs of shipping heavy metal to be coated, downtime, etc.

A breakthrough coating developed by Whitford R&D is changing all that. It’s called Xylan® XLR (an abbreviation for “Xtra-Long-Release”). Offered as a two-coat system with Whitford primers for maximum performance, Xylan XLR can be specified to suit the needs of the application. And it is easily applied using conventional spray techniques.

A premium product for a variety of industrial markets, Xylan XLR outperforms all other release coatings available today, significantly reducing the need for recoats during the life of the coated component. It offers a variety of product benefits in addition to superior release and longer-lasting release, including:

• Enhanced resistance to abrasion
• Improved hardness
• Improved resistance to permeation
• Superior smoothness/higher gloss.

All these benefits are particularly meaningful to such companies as those who use commercial bakeware tins (e.g., for making McDonald’s hamburger buns), or install fuser rollers in copy machines that have to release thousands of inked pages a day, or make moulds that form hundreds of plastic packages.

Xylan XLR has already been sampled by a variety of applications ranging from release of foam products to industrial bread-making to polyester balloons, all with surprising results. In one example, a manufacturer was able to achieve 50 times more release cycles with Xylan XLR than with any other coating he had tried.

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