Michael Jackson’s Death Focuses Attention on Prescription Drug Abuse

Tampa, FL, July 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Michael Jackson’s untimely death has focused renewed attention on the problem of prescription drug abuse. A recent graduate of one of the programs to which Drug Rehab That Works refers addicts for treatment, shared his experience with prescription drug abuse on CNN.

Ramsy Darwish, a recovering drug addict commented “Once you become addicted to like pain pills and that sort of thing, it is really a necessity that you need on a daily basis. Your life basically revolves around the prescription drug. You're not active with people or aren't really motivated enough to go out into society.” Mr. Darwish was asked whether taking a painkiller or any other kind of narcotic, was no different than taking an illegal recreational drug or getting drunk. He responded that he was using prescription pain killers for getting high and numbing issues in his life.

Prescription drugs are the number two misused substance in America – after alcohol. Abuse of drugs such as painkillers, tranquilizers, ADHD medications like Ritalin, and other similar drugs is an epidemic in American today.

Mr. Darwich thanked his family for interceding and getting him into a successful drug treatment program. After going through drug treatment he is off drugs and doing much better in life.

Mr. David Holtz, from DrugRehabThatWorks.com commented, “This story, from a graduate of one of the programs we work with, is the bright side of the prescription drug addiction epidemic sweeping America. Here is an addict who successfully got into treatment and recovered. The Michael Jackson tragedy shows the dangers of failing to get someone into treatment and off prescription drugs. We hope to work with more families to ensure that people addicted to prescription drugs are got into treatment and able to lead happier lives.”

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