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Managed web hosting provider is committed to using premium hardware for its customers.

Dallas, TX, July 16, 2009 --( Dell just released a comprehensive case study on managed hosting provider NeoSpire which focuses on how NeoSpire maintains growth in the wake of a tough economy. The company’s growth was due in part to NeoSpire’s intense focus on the customer experience which mandated that NeoSpire standardize on a rock-solid server, storage and networking platform. By choosing technology partners such as Dell and building custom solutions for every customer; NeoSpire is able to not only survive but actually thrive in today’s challenging economy.

Generic and non-server grade hardware inevitably fall short of customer expectations, so NeoSpire made a conscientious decision to focus on its strengths as a managed web hosting provider and standardize on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell/EMC storage. NeoSpire chose Dell products because the company wanted a reliable server platform with robust management tools and needed a partner that could help it respond quickly to customer needs.

“Customers who demand a five-nines SLA ask us to design their solution in a fully redundant environment,” says Jason Burnett, Director of Network Services. “We couldn’t confidently do that with lesser equipment.”

For the past ten years, using hardware that has been universally tested and benchmarked prevented a myriad of hardware issues that plague cheaper commodity server, which is no small matter for NeoSpire clients who have mission critical web applications. A number of clients have switched to NeoSpire from other hosting providers that used self-built servers that caused outages and other performance issues.

“Our web presence is a vital communication tool between us and our customers and cannot go down,” explained Elena Ganczuk, Partner at Southwest Medical & Dental, Inc. “Understanding what hardware was going to be used to build our solution was one of the deciding factors in choosing NeoSpire as our managed hosting provider.”

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