Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Reduces Pollution, Saves Fuel and Increases Horsepower

How 2 Save Fuel (How2SaveFuel.Com), a Northridge, California based company is converting vehicles to hydrogen hybrid in a new and different way. This is the most professional hydrogen hybrid solution available and an answer which is affordable and available now.

Northridge, CA, July 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Anyone that might be interested to find out more about this hydrogen on demand professional system and is in the Long Beach area or nearby can visit when How 2 Save Fuel and see for themselves at the upcoming HomeWorld Expo July 18th & 19th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Free tickets and event info at How2SaveFuel.com

How2SaveFuel.com is an equipment manufacturer and distributor of Hydrogen Hybrid Conversions and related technologies to enhance performance and save fuel costs while reducing or eliminating environmental pollution and global warming. They design custom made hydrogen cells and related parts, circuits, etc. for any fuel combustion engine. Hydrogen technology is based on splitting water molecules into a gaseous form to provide additional and more efficient combustion of the existing fuel.

Improvements in gas mileage vary, but an average of 25 to 35% MPG boost is considered normal according to the owner and developer of How2SaveFuel.com. He also says that consumers notice an increase in horsepower and torque. Alex provided evidence of this by means of a dynamometer test run recently on a 7.5 liter 1989 Ford F250 Truck increased the horsepower from 181.75 to 188.75 and the torque from 266.20 ft pounds to 293.53. That equates to 7 more horsepower and 27.33 more foot pounds of torque.

The thing that really drives Alex to help all of us drive better is his concern about what we are doing to our environment and that he feels he has a real solution.

The passage of California Assembly Bill 32 means that California’s greenhouse gas levels must be below 1990 levels by 2020, a 30% reduction. Two dramatic offenders, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are commonly found in vehicle exhaust. Hydrogen hybrid systems which enable a higher level of combustion and result in less waste, decrease these emissions. A smog test run on the same Ford F250 lowered the CO2 (carbon) emissions from 12.2 PPM (parts per million) to zero and the NOx (nitrous) emissions from 338 PPM to 105 PPM, a 69% reduction. These results can be achieved immediately on any vehicle without the need to build an infrastructure or anything new in order to service them.

The patented electrolyzer assembly at the core of the how 2 save fuel system is easy to maintain and can be quickly removed for intermittent maintenance as demonstrated by Alex. A unique feature is a simple refill valve to speed the occasional addition of water without opening or removing the assembly. No special modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems are required for immediate performance gains.

Besides engineering and manufacturing How2SaveFuel.Com installs their products through a widening network of installers in the US and soon overseas. Other facets on the business side include an affiliate program, a mechanic's network and full customer service.

Alex's strategy is to pull the industry and how2savefuel.com customers toward the use of environmentally benign byproducts like water. Customers will have the satisfaction of knowing that they will no longer pollute the atmosphere or pour acid byproducts into our planet’s bio-systems.

By installing a how2savefuel.com system one can make a difference with the environment, but also, using less fuel means fewer oil imports and better conditions for the economy. How 2 Save Fuel's hydrogen hybrid systems has the potential to have a serious positive impact on the air quality, global warming and provide sustainability for the planet.

For more information visit their website at www.How2SaveFuel.com or contact Alex Rivera - Founder at (818) 882-1189.

Alex Rivera