Enterprise Solutions Firm Continues to Run a Successful Business in a Struggling Economy and Speaks Out To Other Small Businesses

Miami, FL, July 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Enterprise Solutions Firm is one of Miami's most innovative and successful outsourced marketing and sales firms in the B2B market. ESF has become one of the leading choice of large corporations in dealing with their client acquisitions and retention. They are growing at a rapid pace to keep up with the clients' goals to expand our resources not only nationally but globally as well. While they currently have two locations, they plan to expand to five new markets within the next twelve months.

Enterprise Solutions Firm is asked how their company has continued to evolve in this struggling economy. Their response is in the tips below:

Focus All Efforts Into Adding Value To Others

If a company is going to stay in business they need to add value to others. There are three factors to this.
* Value needs to be added to clients being represented.
* Value needs to be extended to the businesses being acquired for the client. And the final one, which often gets overlooked,
* Value needs to be added to the people who are doing the work every day.

Client's Value - Clients need to see results that affect their bottom line. Acquiring business is not enough. The business must be long term and profitable for the client. That may mean turning away customers who will not provide long term benefit. When a client is growing based on the company efforts, not only does this create long term relationships, it generates more business as well.

Business Customer's Value - Customers need to be provided with a service that will truly benefits their business. When selecting a client to represent, a company needs to find a client that will provide a service diverse enough to help a wide array of businesses for the long term.

Employee Value - Again, this is a factor that is so often overlooked, yet is one of the most important factors of both a company's growth as well as stability. A company's daily focus should be on providing growth for its employees. Employee value is not just money. True value is in providing a job that on a daily basis will better the employee's life for the long term. A company needs to provide employees with jobs that involves ongoing training and development to make sure that their team of employees evolves with the company.

If a company aggressively puts their energy into these values, they can ensure long term success in any economy.

Enterprise Solutions Firm
Sara Stafford