FIT2MAX, LLC Develops and Launches New Website

FIT2MAX, LLC, known for their affordable and effective in home personal trainer services through their brand name Team Fitness America, develops and launches new website for better company awareness.

Newtown, PA, July 18, 2009 --( Every day, people from all over the country want to know who the innovative leader is behind the scenes at FIT2MAX, LLC. For the first time people have the opportunity to procure their very own in home personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of what other industry professionals charge. To help put a face with the name, FIT2MAX has updated and reorganized so that future clients can learn more about America's next top fitness entrepreneur.

Since 2005, members of FIT2MAX have brought America an affordable alternative to going to the gym. Through their brand name Team Fitness America, they have developed programs entirely through offering the client complete control over the development of their fitness program. Everything from a certain time of day and a certain day of the week to the type of fitness specialist and background qualification preference is put in the clients hands from program conception.

Team Fitness America, the major brand name of FIT2MAX, has developed their website to share more information about their affordable and effective services but has lacked more information about the company itself. This is what spawned the desire to redevelop FIT2MAX's company based website so that visitors can have more of a personal understanding of its company and company brand names.

Throughout 2009, visitors will have the opportunity to read more about the upcoming non-profit relationship that FIT2MAX has developed as well as updates about the upcoming unsponsored video series called "Weight Loss Across America" which is set to be launched in the later part of this year.

"Weight Loss Across America" weekly postings will be updated through the website along with Team Fitness America's top personal trainers of the month.

"I want every client to know that both myself and each representative related to FIT2MAX and its subsidiaries are dedicated to further the in home personal training industry through study and research as well as sharing experiences of other successful clients through our new educational series," says Margaret Pajak, FIT2MAX's President and founder.

Debbie McFarlen