International Property Resales - Uses Youtube to Get Timeshare Buyers is using Youtube videos to attract timeshare buyers all over the world and explains why this is benefiting their customers and the business.

Portland, OR, July 18, 2009 --( International Property Resales is an advertising firm for timeshare resales.

They have launched a new campaign that uses Youtube to attract buyers for second market timeshares. If you're new to what a timeshare is, basically it is the name given to piece of real estate where a number of individuals share ownership in the subject property. As opposed to a standard home where an individual or, for example, a husband and wife share ownership, a timeshare is almost always owned by a number of people who have no relation to one another whatsoever.

Timeshare properties can often be found in warm destinations where people like to vacation. As an example, coastal towns and cities in Florida (Daytona Beach) and South Carolina (Hilton Head Island) offer huge numbers of timeshare properties. They can also be found in cold weather areas (ski resorts in Colorado) and all over the world (Ireland, Mexico, Spain) as well. Most of these timeshares are located in resort communities.

To provide the most cost effective way to advertise to the largest audience and drive more traffic to their website, International Property Resales has been utilizing social media site Youtube. YouTube provides great statistics like how many people have watched the Seller's property and it offers a very easy way for timeshare buyers and sellers meet.

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