Investors Classifieds Meets Ruthless Entrepreneur

Ken Spohn ( founder of Investors Classifieds and Mark McClure (, creator of “The Ruthless Entrepreneur” will get together on the first show July 24, 2009 on the cable channel. Mr. Spohn will be the first guest on this new show to discuss the Real Estate Market: Boom, Bust or Opportunity.

Scottsdale, AZ, July 20, 2009 --( While reality shows are popping up all of cable TV this one assured to be different. Mark McClure, the Ruthless Entrepreneur, will go into a company that is in dire straights and in need of a shot in the arm “sales-wise,” and essentially institute his ideas and strategies in hopes of turning the situation around. The action will be non-stop entertainment and drama from beginning to end; from the point Mark sits with the company CEO or sales manager and dissects the situation, to the hiring of staff and firing of incompetent sales people, to the end result of whether Mark’s “Ruthless Approach” is able to turn it all around. By taking two of the biggest reality shows in television history, and molding it into one, this has the making of a major hit for years to come, both in the United States and abroad.

The pilot was recently shot in Dallas, TX using a Security Camera Company as its initial guinea pig and the action was non stop; from Mark closing a deal on his First try, to the airing of dirty laundry and demotion of the company sales manager on Mark’s recommendation… nothing was out of bounds.

On the first episode Mr. Spohn of, will talk about his website and how it differs from the MLS. How the credit crunch is effect Real Estate investing in today’s market. How sales are affecting the Phoenix market, one of hardest hit in the nation.

“I can’t tell you any more without giving away the show” states Spohn
According to Spohn, it is time to start buying in certain areas, which will not give you the equity value we seen a couple years ago. As always, you should be buying for the cash flow never gambling on the value increasing. The value increase is only a bonus.

When asked about why a Realtor lacks the time Spohn explains, "A home listed with a Realtor is usually on the market for 60 days, if not more, before finding a potential qualified buyer. From that point, it can take three to four weeks for that buyer to get the financing and close on the property. To make matters worse, after all that, sometimes the buyer might not qualify for the loan or they change their mind about buying. In the end, precious time is wasted."

So if people shouldn't be selling through a Realtor, what's the best option to consider?

"The way to sell is through a qualified investor," states Spohn. "You need someone who knows how to deal with banks and who can save you from foreclosure. You won't make as much as you would through a conventional market purchase, but it can save you from the red mark of foreclosure."

His site,, was created with people facing foreclosure in mind or for those who want to sell their homes quickly and investors that want to buy properties from sellers that need help. With over 14,000 properties to choose from, it gives investors a one-stop shop. These properties are updated ever 12 hours.

"We offer sellers a wide range of options for sellers looking to sell their property - Free listing to $199.95 for a full-year membership," Spohn says. "With full membership, their listing is also placed on Google, and With us sellers can connect with quality investment buyers."

For people in the Phoenix area, sometimes Spohn will do the buying directly.
"We can buy many homes in the Phoenix area, usually within 24 hours, or we work with the bank to help owners," Spohn says. "Another option is to take over payments and give owners some cash if they have equity in their home."

So for those people heading toward foreclosure, there is hope out there and a place to turn so the situation is less painful and more bearable.

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