Why US Military Families in Germany Are Turning to 92655 Concierge

100% owned and operated by military spouses, 92655 Concierge offers home and lifestyle solutions to American soldiers and spouses in the fast-growing community of Grafenwoehr, Germany

Grafenwoehr, Germany, July 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- 92655 Concierge is proud to announce that it is expanding its service menu and hiring more employees to meet the phenomenal demand from American soldiers and families stationed in Europe for concierge-style services and lifestyle support.

92655 Concierge was established in early 2009 by Louise Wayham, the British spouse of an American service member from San Angelo, Texas. The company provides convenient, one-stop access to a broad range of home and lifestyle solutions for American soldiers, spouses and families – anything from having an electrician or plumber sent out, getting flat-pack furniture assembled, lawns mowed, pictures mounted, and appliances installed to getting dinner from their favorite local restaurants delivered, a massage or hair and nails done at home while babies nap, or getting pets taken care of while they’re on vacation.

92655 Concierge also provides a full housekeeping and organizing service as well as car detailing and airport shuttles, and assists clients in everything from purchasing tickets for live concerts by American artists to getting driving directions for that hard-to-find, off-the-beaten-track steakhouse.

The company is headquartered in Grafenwoehr, Germany, home to Europe’s largest multi-national training base and home to US soldiers, military families and supporting personnel for over 60 years.

Founder and Managing Director Louise Wayham says, “Whilst we primarily serve clients in the Grafenwoehr and Vilseck communities, we’ve fulfilled service requests from soldiers and spouses stationed all over Germany as well as from Belgium, Italy, England and even Afghanistan. And of course there’s a lot of interest from service members who’ve just found out that they’ll be moving to Germany and contact my company to get a heads up on what they can expect and how best we can help them settle in once they get here.”

According to Wayham, the key to 92655 Concierge’s success is its people. The company employs a formidable team of military spouses, fluent in both English and German - all of whom have multiple roles within the company, many of whom have husbands currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and most of whom have young children.

She explains, “The day to day challenges faced by military spouses are unique and because we’re all army wives ourselves, we get it – we’ve been there, and we know where our clients are coming from. We know how hard it can be to find yourself in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know a soul. The simplest task can become very stressful very quickly.”

Wayham hit upon the idea when she herself first moved to Grafenwoehr with her husband, an active duty soldier. “Many of the spouses living here arrived with children in tow and household goods en route only to find themselves quickly alone and without their family, friends and their usual support networks back home in the States. We basically try to complement the support and the services that families already receive on-post from the Army by providing stress-free, convenient support to the military household and a very personal approach to helping them take care of their everyday business.

“What sets us apart is that we’re 100% dedicated to providing the same friendly, rock solid customer service we’re all used to experiencing in the States. Our clients really depend on us and it makes our day when they email and tell us to keep up the good work, when they remind us that we’re providing a great service and that we’re lightening the military family’s load.

“Some of our single soldier clients in the barracks have also pointed out that we’re actually proving to be one of the most effective and practical deterrents to them drinking and driving – before our restaurant delivery service was launched, many of them would jump into their cars and drive into town for takeout after way too many beers. Soldiers have actually told us that thanks to us, they’re no longer taking their chances.”

Where many companies in this rural part of Germany do not have an interactive web presence and do not accept credit card payments, 92655 Concierge is one of the very few that does both and actively engages its customer base on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, something that internet-savvy military clients appreciate.

92655 Concierge remains committed to partnering with German, European and American companies that are interested in developing long-term relationships in serving the lifestyle needs of Americans living in Europe.

“The companies we have partnered with thus far couldn’t be happier,” Wayham says. “For many of our German partners, successfully marketing their services to English-speaking customers was hard to do because of the language and cultural barriers. We have a direct line to a fast-growing and very distinguished demographic, and they appreciate being able to do business through us. We work only with businesses that share our commitment to providing excellent customer service, efficient turnaround times, and value for money.”

Within the coming three years, 92655 Concierge plans to expand into other parts of Germany heavily populated by American military families. Within five, Wayham anticipates taking her niche to other base-dependent areas across Europe.

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