Freight88: Beating the Economy with Strategy

Freight88 increases sales while slumps in the shipping industry force others to lash out at their competition.

Yarmouth, MA, July 22, 2009 --( Backend technology is really the heart of a business. Freight88's helps clients stay nimble, and helps reduce costs, too. That is the foundation that has helped launch Freight88 to the pinnacle of LTL shipping.

"By reducing expenses in all areas, we were able to lower client costs, which adds value for our clients. That also enhances our relationships and extends our competitive advantage." Says one satisfied client.

This type of strategy is easier to maintain than other companies approach to anonymous postings and slander. Thankfully, Freight88's client base is smart enough to weed through the negative attacks and enjoy one of the fastest engines and least expensive ways to ship LTL freight.

Seeing negative blogs about companies is typically done out of malice to hinder a business or shine unfavourable light on a company and Freight88 is not immune. But with a client list that increases on average of 5 new clients a day and with sales increasing at a staggering 30%, it is clear that slander and rhetoric are not being swallowed by those businesses who clearly enjoy savings.

Freight88 attributes this increase in client sales to dropping their rating company, having a more experienced and professional team support their back end rating and billing. Freight88 has placed itself in the forefront of LTL shipping and with the help of some incredible software, now is offering companies their own branded rate engine.

“With this software, I can offer My services without the need of an IT team, office staff or a billing department. Knowing I am supported by a 50+ million a year company and all I have to focus on now is selling, my business has become easier to manage” says one user. “A blessing” says another.

Looking at the near future of their backend system and the addition to instant air freight rates, White Glove shipping and integrated insurance, Freight88 can easily see a greater increase in sales and client retention.

Freight88 is projecting strong revenue growth for the remainder of 2009.

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Tyler Berthiaume