Flimp® Media Defines New Rich Media Category

New “IRMC” Category Invaluable to Direct Marketers

Hopkinton, MA, July 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Flimp Media, proprietor of the first and only comprehensive rich media direct marketing platform, announced today their plan to release an authoritative white paper which defines the IRMC category of rich media.

IRMC, which stands for Intelligent Rich Media Collateral, is quickly becoming the new buzzword among online marketers. Many marketers, bloggers and analysts have speculated as to the term’s exact meaning, but now Flimp Media is laying out specific guidelines as to what a rich media campaign must do in order to qualify as intelligent rich media collateral.

Flimp CEO Wayne Wall , who first coined the term, says that the emerging IRMC category has tremendous implications. “IRMC is essentially rich media that is created without any kind of design knowledge, distributed through any Web channel, and tracked by actionable and individualized data,” he said. “In other words, IRMC allows marketers to use rich media to generate sales leads by email address, and to do so without spending weeks waiting for someone in IT to code it.”

“It’s really important to the industry that people understand exactly how powerful rich media can be,” said Matt Shaw, a communications content developer at Flimp Media and co-author of the white paper. “In essence, just defining this category breeds awareness. That is really our goal.”

According to a preview of the white paper made available to the Web Video Marketing Council’s blog, IRMC is defined as rich media with three specific characteristics:

1. Interactivity – In order for rich media materials to become IDC, they must encourage interaction. To be interactive, rich media content must have a call to action that can be acted out by the viewer in the surrounding content.
2. Web Distribution – IDC must be distributed online. In order for rich media content to become IDC, it must be distributable through almost any online channel. This includes social media networks, email, RSS feeds, blogs and websites, among others.
3. Individualized Measurability –IDC requires that every Web user who engages with this collateral also be given an actionable identity. In other words, marketers using IDC will be able to contact all viewers via email, turning each visitor into a potential sales lead without the need for response forms.

The white paper is due to be released by the end of July, at which time it will be available on the Flimp website (www.flimp.net).

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