John Tuggle, D.C. in Cedar Park TX Has Implemented Gratson Technique Into His Office

Gratson Technique (GT) can provide relief for many conditions in musculoskeletal complaints and has been proven effective in both acute and chronic conditions. Now, Dr. Tuggle is a provider of GT.

Cedar Park, TX, July 23, 2009 --( Effective in the beginning of 2009 John Tuggle, D.C. a chiropractor in Cedar Park, Texas has begun using Graston Technique. This technique is in addition to traditional chiropractic care including adjustments, physical modalities and deep tissue massage. John Tuggle, D.C. also utilizes spinal decompression that can help with disc herniations and bulges. Now with the integration of Graston Technique also known as GT as that Dr. Tuggle now has the ability to help reduce muscle, ligament and fascia issues as well. People who have suffered from acute or chronic knee complaints have seen improvement. In a recent case, Dr. Tuggle was able to help a patient with carpal tunnel. She had issues with repetitive trauma from typing and her pain had got so bad she could not write. After only 2 visits of GT she was able to write again and within 8 visits she was back to full activities. These are some of the typical results we have seen from GT and are very excited about the amount of people we will be able to help in the future. Although result vary, most people receive positive benefits from GT in 8-12 visits without medications. Dr. Tuggle said "with Graston Technique added to our current therapies we are very able and equipped to handle most musculoskeletal complaints that we are presented with in an efficient manner. Now people have the opportunity to return to their sports and daily activities without nagging pain." GT is well known in the sports arena for quickly and effectively helping return players to the field. Consumers/ prospective patients are encouraged to visit for more information. You can also call Dr. Tuggle at Wellness & Better Health Chiropractic at 512-257-2225.

Dr. John Tuggle practices in Cedar Park and has been in the area for 10 years practicing chiropractic. Dr. Tuggle grew up in Austin and felt that he wanted to return to the Austin area to raise his family. He treats families and treats many triathletes due to his affiliation to the sport. Dr. Tuggle regularly competes in local triathlons mainly to keep in shape and practice what he preaches. His family lives in the area and attend the Ridge Fellowship where they have been member for several years. Dr. Tuggle also frequently speaks at his Church and tries to involve humor, where it is appropriate in both his practice and his messages. Dr. Tuggle lives close to Lake Travis and regularly visits the lake with his family.

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