BridgeTEFL Releases New DVD Series for English Language Teachers

Denver, CO, July 23, 2009 --( A new DVD series entitled “English Language Teaching in Action” was published today by BridgeTEFL, a Denver based provider of teacher certification courses. The “how to” style videos were designed as a professional development resource for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teachers.

“These videos are unique in the TESOL world” said Jason Klass, one of the producers of the DVDs, “because most of the videos currently available are just English classes filmed from start to finish without a clear format or focus, and sometimes, even without editing. Our videos are professionally shot and edited with high quality audio and are focused on very specific topics, such as tips for remembering students’ names or how to use timelines to teach verb tenses. They’re delivered in short, bite-sized segments dealing with one topic at a time and present a lot of practical ideas that teachers can easily implement into their own classes.”

Each of the 70 videos in the 5-disc set follows the same format. It begins by identifying a typical problem or dilemma TESOL teachers face. Then, a professional teacher explains a strategy for how to solve the problem in a concise, step-by-step narration while on-screen graphics help clarify and summarize the information. Next, the teacher demonstrates what was just explained with real English language learners in a classroom setting. Finally, the teacher expands on the technique/activity shown, giving ideas for variations or adapting it to different student levels.

Klass expects the audience for the new DVDs to be diverse, including individual TESOL teachers, language schools, universities, and teacher training centers. “Basically, anyone who is looking for new ideas for lesson plans and activities or classroom management tips will benefit from ELT in Action. I think training centers will especially find this a nice addition to their resource library for trainee observation or tasks.”

Lisa Rooney, director of BridgeTEFL says, “While ELT in Action” is perfect for new TEFL teachers teaching abroad, it is also a great resource for experienced ESL teachers who are looking for fresh ideas to keep their classes interesting.”

The DVDs are available for purchase online at

BridgeTEFL provides teacher certification courses for English language training in the US and abroad. They offer both online and in-class programs as well as job placement services and teacher development resources.


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