The Big Bad Bank Documentary

Boulder based businessman launches documentary concerning the World Conservation Bank

Boulder, CO, July 23, 2009 --( George Washington Hunt is a Businessman in Boulder Colorado. In the late eighties, he attended a UN environmental conference and uncovered what can be seen as the largest deception of finance and Banking in US history. The Big Bad Bank is his 5th film which explains his views on this important issue. He also has the Big Bad Bank, the book, which is a written documentary that exhibits this modern day conspiracy.

With the growing concern for financial security, it is understood that the United States, as well as the rest of the world, needs a stable banking system. The current economy was created on proven systems of banking and continues to run on those methods however, as is currently apparent, the system is times, irregular. Commenting on the Documentary George Washington Hunt said, "There is a strong possibility that a new system can replace those currently used and that system can become a central bank in order to adequately regulate the banking system. This type of bank would have a vastly increased amount of power over its resources and without the proper precautions this new banking system could be used to manipulate the future economy."

In a statement made by George Washington Hunt, he expressed a great concern of the power that one overruling bank could posses by saying, “There are some key players in the Big Bad Bank scenario and without exposing the negative aspects of the World Conservation Bank, we all will be in serious trouble. This large and monopolizing bank can change the world financial situation at their will.”

Since his visit to the UN environmental conference, George Washington Hunt has produced several documentaries to accompany The Big Bad Bank DVD and book documentary, such as The World Conservation Bank and The New World Bank Religion and Rulers.

About The Big Bad Bank Documentary:
The Big Bad Bank is the documentary created by George Washington Hunt that exposes an elaborate deception created by the banking and finance industry. To find out more about The Big Bad Bank or to watch the documentary please visit

The Big Bad Bank
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