Is Finding Friends Online the New Thing?

People look for love online all the time, why not look for friends? Toronto and Montreal’s exclusive women’s social network, The Social Woman hit 300 members this week.

Toronto, Canada, July 24, 2009 --( Toronto and Montreal’s exclusive women’s social network, The Social Woman hit 300 members this week.

Less than three months ago, The Social Woman was just a concept, a vague idea two friends had of creating a “match making friendship site for local women”. While still in alpha-launch phase, the site managed to quickly attract 300 local women by simple means of social media marketing and word of mouth.

The quick growth of the user base encouraged Ana Plenter and Sandy Sidhu, co-founders of The Social Woman to quickly transition from a testing phase to live earlier than anticipated.

The goal of The Social Woman was clearly identified with the help of its members. It began taking shape and was built to become the means for women of Toronto and Montreal to expand their social circle, discuss women’s issues, seek advice, and learn about city's events, service and offerings.

“Our focus was to get the product polished and out the door with an official launch in September, however the rate at which women were registering and activity demanded a quick move to completion”, said Sandy Sidhu “We added features such as Events, Directories, Products, and Discussions making the site more than just a social gathering.”

Ana Plenter was also pleased, “Members adapted very quickly, behaving exactly like we imagined; they began connecting with one another, becoming friends, planning and attending events! Activity was endless!”

A true sense of a growing community can be seen on The Social Woman. On the site you may tune into conversations on dating, Michael Jackson, diets, as members are encouraged to discuss and interact with other members.

After a recent dinner gathering organized by a member, one member explained her reasons for joining, "The Social Woman offered me a new, effortless way to make new friends and socialize with women who have similar interests as I do. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing women, with whom I've enjoyed some great food, laughed over some funny movies and had some awesome discussions over coffee. All this in less than 2 months!!"

Local business in Montreal and Toronto also took notice of The Social Woman, and requests for product/service reviews and endorsements quickly followed with hopes they too can get in front of this audience.

“Our priority is to provide quality content to our members and therefore we are very selective of our partners. We give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on services or products to our members, and would not promote products we have not tried ourselves or would try”, said Ana.

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About The Social Woman:
The Social Woman is Toronto and Montreal's exclusive women's only social network. It is a place for women looking to expand their social circle by finding friendships online and joining local interest groups. The network also allows members to find out about or post local events, talk about woman’s issues, read reviews on products and services and find special member only offers.

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