Fuzion LandSharks to Invade Local Neighborhoods During the 2009 Holiday Season

The latest craze to hit wheeled sports the Fuzion LandShark is a “fuzion” of a kneeboard, skateboard and scooter delivering a product that eats up the competition

Emeryville, CA, July 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Nextsport Inc. (http://www.nextsport.com), the premier manufacturer of innovative sporting good products for all ages, announces a new addition to their Fuzion (http://www.fuzionscooter.com) product line. Joining the frenzy is the fresh and exciting Fuzion LandShark 4-wheel kneeboard, set to invade your neighborhood this holiday season.

Combining the unique aspects of conventional kneeboarding and various wheeled products, the LandShark is sure to engage many users both young and old. Ridden on your knees and powered by kicking or “pumping,” users are presented with a sleek design optimizing a low center of gravity. These aspects of Fuzion LandShark contribute to its razor sharp steering, maximum maneuverability, and loads of fast paced enjoyment.

The Fuzion LandShark also features a first-of-its-kind braking mechanism for quick and easy speed control, a durable multi-layered wood deck with custom eye-catching graphic treatments and cast urethane wheels that allow for enhanced traction and greater ride stability as users take to the sidewalks.

Engineered with Nextsport’s “safety-first” approach, the LandShark’s hand operated braking system provides “brakes with bite.” Coupled with a high visibility flag, parents can be assured that with proper supervision and appropriate safety gear the LandShark is an exhilarating and safe experience for everyone.

Comments Ed Dua, president of Nextsport, “Kids are always looking for new products to fulfill their needs- whether it’s as simple as point A to point B transportation or a new way to interact with the other neighborhood kids. The explosion of alternative wheeled products recently not only reinforces this fact but also opens the doors for new and innovative products. The Fuzion LandShark utilizes the vivid imaginations of kids and provides a fresh new way to capture the excitement in a tangible way. ”

When Nextsport first introduced the Fuzion series in 2005 with their award winning Fuzion Asphalt scooter, it attracted the attention of kids looking for a fun, new way to experience an established play pattern. The unique designs of the Fuzion series allows for smoother rides, a variety of uses, and additional benefits over “traditional” wheeled products. Nextsport’s newest addition to the Fuzion series follows their standards having created a new product with excitement in mind.

Comments Ed Dua, “Kids of all ages are looking for fun, convenience and performance. Whether cruising around the neighborhood, or hanging out with their friends, the Fuzion LandShark kneeboard will grab the attention of every kid this holiday season -- those who will recognize its functional capabilities, as well as those who will be inspired by its originality.”

The Fuzion LandShark kneeboard will be available this Fall at all major retailers at an MSRP of $79.99.

Darren Yuen