Coaching Institutes Launches the Entrepreneur’s Idea Train

The most valuable currency in today’s economy is the big idea that will propel a business to the top of their niche and allow market domination. It’s hardly ever a single thought, but usually a string of ideas rolling along like a train until one new thought triggers the critical AHA moment. The question of how to find those ideas has now been answered; Coaching Institutes Idea Train, a membership community for entrepreneurs and home businesses.

North Potomac, MD, July 24, 2009 --( When a business fails, it’s usually because they are out of ideas of how to innovate or market their products or services effectively. For years, there were only two ways to deal with this problem; they could deal with it on their own, or hire outside help. The first approach does not normally work, since that’s how the problem arose in the first place, and the second approach can be quite expensive.

Now there is a better way to ensure the survival of the enterprise, the idea train.

Great ideas rarely occur by themselves. They are a product of a series of new thoughts strung together like train cars rolling along, until one final idea produces the Aha moment when it all comes together. Great businesses are made when those thoughts are acted upon.

The two essential ingredients to any successful business are business skills and knowledge. But, everyone who starts a business thinks they have what it takes. Small businesses get into real trouble when they don’t know what they do not know. When the business starts going downhill, they don’t have the cash flow to hire consultants, and are out of ideas on how to improve their business processes.

Michael Larsen, President of Coaching Institutes has used his more then 30 years of management consulting and training experience to develop an on-line service called the Inner Circle to help small and home based businesses find their inner spark. A free monthly newsletter brings a stream of fresh ideas to subscribers to help them grow their business.

But, ideas alone are not enough. Getting the right idea and knowing how to implement it is critical. As Mike Larsen says, “Ideas without action are worthless.” So, Coaching Institutes has a graduated series of implementation options, depending on the needs of the individual and the business. These options range from advanced video coaching programs, home study courses, webinars, one-on-one coaching, or one of the acclaimed mastermind groups. Coaching Institutes has everything in one place to bring ideas to fruition.

The mastermind group is like a powerful “secret weapon” for the small or home based business. When working alone or in a small group there are “blind spots” of information on opportunities, knowledge or skills. The results are a product of each individual’s own limited background. The mastermind group is a group dedicated to helping each of its individual members succeed. It takes the individual experiences of the group, and leverages that for the benefit of each individual within the group. Within the group, the individual minds are said to form a third mind, or mastermind, because it has the advantage of the collective experience of the group. It can be a compelling advantage in business.

Individuals can begin by signing up for the free newsletter, and receive a book on how to market themselves or their business by posting free articles. Simply go to the Coaching Institutes web site to apply for the newsletter and free book.

For additional information regarding this release, or services offered by Coaching Institutes contact Michael Larsen or visit the Coaching Institutes web site.

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