Monica Cruz Steps Up as First Celebrity Supporter of the Romanian League in Defense of Animals’ (ROLDA) Cause

Actress and dancer Monica Cruz adds her voice to help save stray animals in Romania by partnering with the Romanian League in Defense of Animals (ROLDA).

Galati, Romania, July 24, 2009 --( Romanian League in Defense of Animals (ROLDA, is pleased to announce that Spanish actress, dancer and animal lover, Monica Cruz, has joined forces to promote ROLDA’s campaign, “Have a Heart for Romanian Homeless Animals.”

Cruz, who has starred in Spanish, French and American films, as well as being an accomplished Flamenco dancer, is the first celebrity to accept ROLDA’s invitation to help highlight the plight of homeless animals in Romania. Cruz, a devoted animal person, has adopted six dogs that she calls “her babies.” Her brood includes two cocker spaniels, a Yorkshire Terrier, a Bichon Frise, a Pug and a stray dog rescued from a life on Mexican streets. Cruz proudly proclaims, “I choose to care about Romanian homeless animals!” and is lending her image to the ROLDA cause.

“When I was approached by ROLDA and their ‘Have a Heart’ campaign, I couldn’t refuse. Animals have always been a part of my life; they bring such joy and love. It’s awful to see how these animals in Romania are treated, left to take care of themselves,” said Cruz, when asked why she chose to support ROLDA.

“I’m so impressed with what Dana Costin has been able to do with donations and volunteers. She’s an inspiration and a great example of someone who can make things happen where others might have given up.” Cruz continued, “The animals in Romania are lucky to have her on their side.”

The “Have a Heart for Romanian Homeless Animals” campaign has invited national and international celebrities to lend their support for ROLDA by using their image on billboards around Galati, and other Romanian tourist destinations. Bringing the plight of homeless dogs, cats, horses and donkeys to the forefront of Romanian citizenry and officials is the fundamental goal of this campaign. Additional goals include: building the first charitable veterinary clinic in Galati, providing free sterilizations, offering 24/7 emergency response and low-cost veterinary care.

ROLDA is a registered foundation in Romania (18416340) and a registered, tax-deductible 501(c)3 charity in the United States (EIN: 32-0176929). ROLDA also has affiliates in Europe. It is currently operating in the Galati area, in the southeast of Romania. ROLDA, the brainchild of Dana Costin, President, came about as she witnessed the large number of stray animals left to fend for themselves on Romanian streets. Investigation revealed that these animals are routinely rounded up, impounded in inhospitable conditions and euthanized, if they don’t die of disease, starvation or wounds suffered from fights with other cage mates.

Costin took action, which has resulted in the building of two private shelters for rescued strays, one chosen the best in Eastern Europe by a U.S. animal publication. Since its inception, ROLDA has sterilized more than 3,500 homeless dogs and cats in collaboration with local veterinary clinics. They also provide community education, host local and international interns and volunteers, and pay for all costs through sponsorships and private donations with no support from local authorities.

ROLDA holds the full conviction that:

— Spay/neuter and release or adoption are the humane alternatives for the mass killing of strays
— Each permanently (or temporarily) disabled dog/cat has the right to enjoy a peaceful, comfortable living for the rest of his life
— Euthanasia is not a solution to the overpopulation problem
— Animals rights are the same as human rights. The only difference is ignorance!

Dana Costin, President, ROLDA, phone +40-748-903-612,,

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