Boulder Restaurant Videos and Search Engine

Channel One Networks Implements Search Engine and Video Site for Local Restaurants

Boulder, CO, July 24, 2009 --( Channel 1 Networks LLC develops the first citywide website that is an interactive search engine and video database of all the local restaurants in Boulder Colorado. Every restaurant is listed and hundreds have personalized videos showcasing their food, atmosphere, and staff.

Channel One Networks has been developing the Boulder Restaurant Channel and Search Engine for the past few years and they continue to add content daily. The Boulder Restaurant Channel and Search Engine has a comprehensive listing of all local restaurants with videos and restaurant information for residents and out of town visitors alike. Jann Scott, CEO and owner of Channel One Networks, expressed his excitement over the new addition to the Channel One line up, “I have to say that this is by far the best idea we have come up with, people have always loved our video content, such as restaurant reviews and in-depth video blogs on many restaurants, but to finally have a fully compressive search engine for anyone to use for free is just what people were asking for.”

With the Boulder Restaurant Channel and Search Engine, anyone can simply go to the channel (web page) and start watching videos of their favorite restaurants. Scott said, “People use the site to plan their nights out in town, they can look up what kind of food they want, or what location of town they want to eat in and then watch a video so they can get a little taste of what the restaurant is like. They can see the weather forecast for that night and even look for what movies are playing, in case they want to see a movie after dinner. It’s all inclusive. There is only one place people need to go to get all this, that’s amazing."

About Channel One Networks:
The Channel One Networks was founded by Jann Scott, a Boulder tech mogul with decades of experience in internet, television, print, video and radio news broadcasting. In 2005 his company created and soft launched The World Channels. He then created an entire satellite system of TV channels online. Channel One Networks is internet only television designed for the local community, however through national media partnerships, weekly shows are aired on traditional television. The staff is a mix of seasoned advertising media types and young hip designers. Channel One Networks relies on sound financial and production models that utilize the unique and upcoming social platform of internet television. For more information please visit,

Channel One Networks LLC
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