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Lehman, Lee & Xu

Legal Pioneer Edward Lehman Named as Regional President of Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance-Asia-Pacific

Beijing, China, July 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Ed Lehman, Managing Director of leading red circle law firm Lehman, Lee & Xu, has been named as the President of the Asia-Pacific grouping of the Global Advertising Lawyer Alliance.

Lehman, a long time China resident and preeminent expert on Chinese intellectual property and media/advertising law, has played a leading role in the Global Advertising Lawyer’s Alliance since its inception and is regularly called upon to comment on developments in Chinese advertising law by members of the organization. “Its an exciting time to assume this role”, relays Lehman. “There are a number of new developments throughout the region in a number of countries, from Australia to China and the downturn is providing opportunities for a lot of smaller players in the field.”

The Global Advertising Lawyer’s Alliance was founded to provide a network of the leading independent law firms in the industry. A main goal of the organization is to improve cooperation amongst firms from different regions as the industry becomes increasingly globalized. “Client often ask about our relationships with other law firms”, relays Ed. “Its always reassuring for our clients to know that they are not only getting our own expertise but additionally are getting the expertise of 57 law firms throughout six continents”.

Lehman’s journey to where he is today was a long one. “I first came to China in 1987 and stayed after the turmoil that defined 1989.” Relays Ed. “The domestic advertising industry was still in an embryonic stage – it had been less than a decade since the first licensed domestic advertisement was aired”. The country has come along way since then with many of the global players now established in China. “From the sole Radar watch advertisement in 1979 to the multiple medium media blitzes seen today the industry has transformed itself and I’m honored to have worked with some of the leading players in the industry”.

Lehman, Lee & Xu
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