Fortriss Launches ClearScript MD™

Fortriss develops customized, industry-specific platforms for the electronic transcription of records. ClearScript MD™, a revolutionary, proprietary software, can be interfaced with almost any EHR system.

Charleston, SC, July 25, 2009 --( A revolutionary advance in medical transcription, distribution and storage, ClearScript MD™ offers integration with your EHR & PHR. Based on a .NET platform, this proprietary software can be interfaced with almost any EHR system

Fortriss, LLC creates software technology specifically for the medical transcription industry with industry-specific platforms that feature high interoperability, including information systems which enable quicker start-up and provide a multitude of access, delivery, and storage, options. The .NET platform is compatible with Microsoft™ software and allows for easy updates and customized reporting. The application is accessible to handheld devices and uses secure, redundant servers. Clients are involved in developing their own database of researchable content.

ClearScript MD™ saves hospitals and medical practices time and money. Clients will be able to have MT technology tailored to their needs and EHR-ready:

· Billed on usage only. Clients can project and budget cost from past volume.
· There is no hardware or software to buy and no set-up, accessories or upgrade fees. HL7 compliant documents can be delivered directly to EHR systems.
· Choice of multiple dictation modes and report delivery options
· Users and staff can access the system, check work, and pull past reports 24/7
· The platform has made maintenance contracts obsolete.

A one-time fee for integration ensures complete medical records – including patient identification, billing numbers, and other information essential for permanent records and for the coding team to post charges accurately to the correct patient.

The capabilities and dependability of the platform rely on a redundant system of servers backed by 128-bit double-encrypted security. These safeguards ensure clients of worry-free document storage and delivery, with little or no system downtime.

Fortriss is cognizant of changing trends and adheres to all industry regulations (JCAHO) for timely delivery of documentation. ClearScript MD™ provides better protection from HIPAA violations and is EHR-ready for the 2014 Presidential initiative.


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