Vicinity Jobs Employment Portals Now Also Available in Toronto and Hamilton

The Vicinity Jobs network of employment web sites announces that it has expanded to include all communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Newmarket, Canada, July 25, 2009 --( Newmarket, Ontario based Vicinity Jobs Inc ( announced today that it has added two new web sites to its popular network of community employment portals. The new employment web sites serve the communities of the city of Toronto, and the Hamilton area.

The new Vicinity Jobs of Toronto web site can be found at, and currently provides access to more than 14,000 postings for job openings located in the city of Toronto. The address of the Vicinity Jobs of Hamilton search engine is It provides access to more than 2,000 postings for jobs located in the city of Hamilton and its surrounding areas – including Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Dundas.

The expansion means that the Vicinity Jobs network now includes community employment web sites for all parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Vicinity Jobs web sites were already available for GTA’s suburban communities in the regions of York (, Peel, Halton, and Durham prior to the expansion. All Vicinity Jobs web sites can be accessed at .

According to Strac Ivanov – who co-founded Vicinity Jobs in 2006 – the network now provides access to more than 34,000 postings for jobs located in the Greater Toronto Area. It attracts about 50,000 unique visits each month, and the number is growing fast. “I don’t know of other web sites that provide access to as many jobs in the Greater Toronto Area as the Vicinity Jobs network”, says Strac Ivanov. “ clearly is the go-to resource for anyone looking for employment in the Greater Toronto Area. Anyone who does not use it is at a severe disadvantage”.

Strac Ivanov points out that the regional focus of the Vicinity Jobs network gives it another advantage, in addition to the volume of information to which it provides: The specialized nature of the Vicinity Jobs network means that it can update its search index more frequently than many national job search engines. As a result, information about new job openings often appears in Vicinity Jobs search results earlier than on other job search engines. As Strac Ivanov points out: “In today’s dynamic and highly competitive job market, getting the right information at the right time is pivotal to the outcome of anyone’s job search efforts”.

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