Breakthrough Risk Assessment Tool Offers Prescription for Health Care Reform

Know Your NumberĀ® improves communication between doctor and patient.

Research Triangle Park, NC, July 25, 2009 --( BioSignia's literature-based, disease-specific health risk assessment tool continues to deliver promising results in two of the key goals in health reform: improved patient care and reduced health-care costs. Know Your Number (KYN) is the first multi-dimensional risk assessment tool to assess an individual's risk of developing major chronic preventable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as showing what steps can be taken to reduce the risk.

"Know Your Number helped turn the doctor-patient relationship into a team approach where I become the coach," says Dr. David Michael, a North Carolina M.D. in internal medicine who uses Know Your Number in his clinical practice. "That improved communication helps patients take charge of their health by focusing on preventing problems, which means I can provide better health care and patients can save money because they are healthier."

New polls show Americans overwhelmingly rank disease prevention as the most important health care reform priority. Data from wellness programs using Know Your Number show the value of disease prevention:
• Employees with the State of North Carolina reduced medical expenses between 5%-16% using KYN.
• BankPlus, a financial services corporation documented a 5-year return on investment of $3 saved for every dollar spent on an employee wellness program using KYN.
• A Cumberland County, NC wellness program using KYN found employees could save $500/person/year through reductions of 10%-20% in diabetes, stroke, heart disease.
• The CDC estimates 70% of healthcare spending in the U.S. (nearly $2 trillion) is associated with preventable diseases.

"By using Know Your Number and focusing on disease prevention, we move from a sick care industry to a health care industry," says Dr. Tim Smith, president and COO of BioSignia. "KYN's one page report graphically tells you who is at risk for chronic diseases and what diseases they may face in the future, as well as how much risk of disease there is and how much of that risk is modifiable before the condition turns into a crisis."

After more than a year of using the Know Your Number report as an assessment tool and benchmark to show a patient's progress, Dr. Michael calls KYN invaluable for several reasons:
• It uses objective data already collected during a physical.
• It assesses current level and potential improvement.
• It brings preventive care and a patient's ability to change into the discussion.

"Patient's are now seeing tangible results from being engaged in their healthcare" adds Dr. Michael. "They are feeling better and saving money."


About BioSignia, Inc.
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., BioSignia is a leading technology company focused on bringing innovative predictive modeling solutions to the preventive health, wellness and insurance markets. Know Your Number, the company's proprietary synthesis modeling approach to chronic disease risk prediction, is the core of BioSignia's flagship solution. In 2004, BioSignia received the Disease Management Association of America's prestigious award for Best Enabling Tool for Disease Management. Since the, BioSignia's talented R&D team has continued to advance synthesis modeling, continuously updating it to reflect the ever expanding need for effective chronic disease prevention, management and treatment.

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