Your Purchase of Colorful, Whimsical Paintings by Moonheadmama Can Help Homeless Women and Their Children

New colorful, whimsical Moonheadmama acrylic paintings at by artist Lindy Gruger Hanson are for sale with 20% of the proceeds helping homeless women and children.

Bend, OR, July 25, 2009 --( Lindy Gruger Hanson, an artist from Bend, Oregon, has developed a new series of whimsical paintings with the playful name of Moonheadmama. The public will have the opportunity to bid on a delightful, enchanting Moonheadmama painting to decorate their home and at the same time benefit homeless women and their children. Each whimsical Moonheadmama painting will be sold on ebay, or at private auction, with 20% of the proceeds benefiting the non-profit center Acres of Hope, which provides a long-term housing program for homeless women with children. Gruger Hanson feels that art can be a healing element in the world and by sharing her art in this way it can help in a small way to heal homeless women and children.

The Acres of Hope website says it is “a spiritually based renewal center serving homeless women with children by providing them with a home and an environment of structured programming. Located in the beautiful Sierra Foothills, Acres of Hope's unique approach allows residents to live on site for up to two years while staff and volunteers invest heavily in their lives by providing encouragement, practical life-skills training, job skills, mentoring and spiritual direction.”

Lindy Gruger Hanson, 50, from Bend, Oregon, has been an artist for most of her life. She signs her art L. Gruger. "I create acrylic paintings of colorful, whimsical worlds filled with odd shapes, interwoven line and vivid colors. I love to paint worlds of playfulness and energy connecting each of us to each other." There is a spiritual quality to many of Lindy's paintings and she feels a deep connection to a higher power.

Each original Moonheadmama painting is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each whimsical Moonhead painting also comes with a magical Moonhead message. Gruger Hanson says each Moonhead painting has very magical and enchanting powers but they are only revealed to the buyer of the painting. One would have to purchase the painting to find out what it is.

According to Gruger Hanson, the Moonheadmama series is about love, joy, hope, fancy and peacefulness. It focuses in a lovely and intimate way, the relationship between mother and child. Some of the characters in the Moonhead story are being developed as the paintings are created. Milo Moon is the name of the small crescent Moonbaby. Pailey Planet is Milo Moon's buddy and comes out to play with him in the sky most every night. Future plans will include a children’s storybook, written in a poetic manner and will feature the whimsical Moonheadmama images.

The first three paintings in the Moonheadmama series, titled “She Sang a Garden Lullaby to Moonbaby”, “She Whispered Twilight Dreams to Moonbaby” and "The Sky Was Ablaze As She Tried to Capture the Moon" have been sold. To view other magical and whimsical Moonheadmama paintings, go to

If you are wondering what a Moonhead is, Lindy has developed a Moonheadmama story to describe the playful title. "Moonheads live and play in the twilight hours and after midnight, you can find them flying fancifully, in a playful swirly fashion. Flying between moonbeams and shooting stars, in the shadow of the crescent moon, they land in small villages and do good deeds when nobody is looking and often you can find them working tirelessly into the wee hours. They love their children enormously and small furry animals, especially bunnies. They have a zest for life and feast on chocolate and marshmallows and love Irish cheese. Moonheadmama is the matriarch of this magical clan and she loves to cradle a pure white, slivered moon baby in her arms, feeding her little Milo Moon chocolate almond milk and singing a sweet lullaby to ease her young one into a sleepy dreamland."

Visit to see the latest playful, whimsical, colorful paintings and bid on the most current Moonheadmama painting and feel good that part of the proceeds will help homeless women and their children.

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