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Pacific Health Sciences providing quality products and services to offer natural solutions with herbal remedies to cure health concerns by working with nature’s solutions. Herbs from nature professionally formulated by PHS (Pacific Health Sciences). Try the natural solution first with healing herbal supplements to boost the immune system, help kidney, liver and gallbladder function, detoxify heavy metals and other toxins and much more.

Malibu, CA, July 25, 2009 --( Pacific Health Sciences Try Natural Solutions First Featuring: UriClear – LiverClear – BioFilam – Lights-On Energy Formula

Pacific Health Sciences is an online Herbal Remedies and Supplements supplier with all types of safe herbal solutions for specific health concerns and conditions for both men and women. Some of the most popular health concerns for people are improving the immune system, maintaining energy, keeping a healthy heart, liver and detoxification system. Pacific Health Sciences has a newly updated user friendly website with an easy to find wide range of products that cater to many popular health concerns including, detoxification and elimination, immune strengthening, stamina and endurance and more.

Pacific Health Sciences manufactures many of the products offered in the online herbal medicine store with healthy herbs as a healing alternative. There are many benefits to herbal medicine and much healing power in vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Pacific Health carries items to help with Allergies, Asthma, Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Digestion, Weight Loss, Detoxification and more.

Starting a natural health care program with formulas to begin the healing process begins with the structure of the human body. The heart and circulatory system, lungs & breathing, liver & gallbladder, thyroid & metabolism, teeth & gums carry on many of the normal bodily functions used in everyday life. Choosing natural cures to help what ails the body or taking supplements to improve the overall health is the start to a being healthier. Only natural health has the ability to strengthen the body as it heals.

Pacific Health Science offers a full line of healthy alternative remedies to detoxify and eliminate toxins from the body. A multi-functioning product helping the liver and gallbladder is LiverClear a synergistic combination of herbs that help the liver and gallbladder function optimally. The powerful herbs in LiverClear are found together in no other formulation. LiverClear will help with conditions such as liver stagnation, poor digestion, sluggish gallbladder, skin conditions and toxicity. LiverClear has an astringent action on the liver and gallbladder removing toxic debris from the system.

UriClear strengthens the urinary system and is an extremely useful herbal formulation in urinary tract infections and inflammation. The proprietary UriClear formula has been used by natural health physicians for over 25 years and is now available online. UriClear helps flush the urinary tract system and prevents pathogens from adhering or sticking to the kidneys, urinary tract and bladder. UriClear is also helpful in relieving the pain of kidney stones by giving relief from cramping and constriction of the urinary tract as well as helping soothe the lining of the urinary tract in the process.

Another unique food supplement is an all-natural dietary supplement BioFilam created by SeaBio Resources. It is extracted from the richest type of brown seaweed (Laminaria japonica) containing the highest percentage of fucoidan and it works as a natural absorbent of heavy metals and other toxins. It is nature’s purest extract, using the innate power of brown seaweed to rejuvenate, detoxify and strengthen the immune system. Biofilam detoxifies metals, radiation and other toxins, protects the thyroid, increases energy and metabolism and more.

‘Lights-On’ is an amazing natural energy and endurance formula helping to preserve oxygen and produce stamina creating natural energy without edgy side effects. Lights-On is highly recommended for athletes; students, folks working long hours, and anytime it’s needed for long term energy and endurance. This product has been professionally formulated by (PHS) - Pacific Health Sciences. Try it and see why it was given its name.

Pacific Health Sciences provides powerful herbs in liquids, capsules, tablets and powder. At Pacific Health the offer is natural treatment to help in healing sluggish gallbladder and liver, in balancing kidney and urinary tract function, to detoxify and boost the immune system and much more. Nature provides powerful herbs for energy, anti-aging, oxygen supply, endurance, stamina, and recovery all the while strengthening the immune system. The Natural Health Care’s Highest Possibility is available with the convenience of online ordering with delivery to homes or businesses.

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