Solutions to Real Estate Financing in a Tight Market

Don Derosa Shares Ways to Finance Investment Properties Without Going Hat in Hand to the Bank.

Mooresville, NC, July 26, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us spoke with Don Derosa a real estate investor and expert on acquiring properties via subject-to the existing financing. As the credit markets have tightened it has become difficult for investors to get financing for their long and short term properties. Mr. Derosa has honed in a system to acquire properties without these constraints.

In addition to taking over the mortgage on properties Don finances most of his cash requirements by cultivating a stable of private lending partners who are looking to invest passively in real estate and get a return on their investment often times much greater than the stock market.

Many investors are in search of new ways to finance homes and take advantage of the historic low prices we are seeing in the current real estate markets. New and creative financing options are the ways to separating yourself from the competition and get find success.

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