New Website Guides Consumers Through the Mortgage Maze

Specialist mortgage and loss mitigation firm Krebs Financial has launched with the intention of providing American consumers with high quality mortgage products and expert loss-mitigation and credit assistance.

Coral Gables, FL, July 26, 2009 --( Krebs Financial, a lending and loss-mitigation firm specializing in mortgages and debt management; has recently launched a new website giving consumers access to expert mortgage advice and a wide range of mortgage-based products.

With the recent widespread publicity of the mortgage market creating a wave of bad press and the after-tremors of the financial crisis still reverberating through the economy, Krebs Financial aims to reassure consumers that an honest mortgage firm does still exist. Seeking to remove the bias and change the fear many people now feel towards the mortgage market, Krebs wants to ultimately alter the current consumer perception of the mortgage brokerage industry by creating an honest, warm, and community-based company offering real solutions to real people.

After the US sub-prime disaster and the 2008 financial crisis, the mortgage industry has sharply re-evaluated its loan criteria and rates have shot up. Many lenders are asking for 20% or more in down-payments, and the required credit rating for the best loan rates has shot up dramatically. The mortgage market is trickier to navigate than ever before, and consumers are understandably wary.

However, hope is at hand. House prices in the US are down across the board and sellers desperate to make deals. Many banks are also holding properties on their books (Real Estate Owned, or REO properties) which they are keen to offload. Although getting a loan is more challenging now than in the past, there are a whole new range of options available to potential buyers. Krebs Financial aims to guide the consumer through the pitfalls of the mortgage market, offering step-by-step assistance including the latest government guidelines and updates, comprehensive industry information, and a wide range of loans and options.

Krebs offers both residential and commercial mortgages for first-time and experienced buyers, as well as alternative options such as refinancing, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), and hard equity mortgages. As many banks are also holding distressed REO properties, construction and renovation loans are also an increasingly attractive option for buyers looking for a good deal.

As well as personal loans and mortgages, Krebs Financial is also an expert in short sales negotiation, assisting realtors and real estate firms in short sales in order to increase their sales or offload a struggling portfolio.

Over ten years experience in the industry offers the reassurance and stability many consumers are now looking for in such a shaky market, while community-minded goals and a local focus reaffirm Krebs’ status as a mortgage business you can trust.

Whether by helping people gain financial stability, helping families own or remain in homes they can afford, or assisting in maintaining the economic health of neighborhoods by preventing further foreclosures, Krebs Financial is doing its own small bit towards rekindling the American Dream.

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