Launches First Ever Third-Party People Validation Web Site is a free to use service that allows visitors to appraise anyone they know, either good... or bad.

Fort Myers, FL, July 28, 2009 --( allows users to rate people and search for a person by name to obtain a character reference of any person as submitted by people that know them, Before they employ them, date them, do business with them or have any dealings at all.

The uniqueness of is that profiles of people are created by people that know them; most other sites just allow people to submit their own character profiles meaning a bias result.

PeopleAppraisal LLC announces the official launch of, an online interactive website with the purpose of “validating” people.

If someone is “rated by people that know them” in preference to that individual submitting his/her own bias and quite often bogus profile, one can be much more secure in the knowledge of who that person really is, rather than dealing with a virtual or fabricated person.

In truth, people have a right to know who they are dealing with on the internet. fulfils this ‘missing’ need.

Appraisals can be submitted with explicit opinion, anonymously if preferred. This gives everyone the opportunity to enter an appraisal of people they like and equally, if they have been done wrong by anybody or received a bad service, they can give them an appropriate appraisal, warning people of wrongdoers and praising those that deserve it.

By achieving a large number of appraisals, from people that know them, a users ‘collective’ result of all their appraisals is illustrated as an average view of their character on a unique “Appraisometer™” that swings red to green depending on the overall opinions of people that have appraised them.

Their traits and written opinions of them are displayed on their profile, plus photos, association links, their own blog and appraisal rebuttals.

Members can communicate with each other through their Personal Message Board having previewed their non-bias profile first, creating a safer environment for dating, or for any other reason requiring a true character reference.

There are many new sites in this genre that are taking the net by storm, but they are all niche, is unique as it validates the general public at large.

There are background check sites, but they cost money and just return results derived from public records so do not give a true indication to a person’s character. has the potential to assimilate every person in the world enabling a safer environment for everyone. At last you can know who you are dealing with Before having any contact at all.

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About - PeopleAppraisal LLC spawned from an incident that happened to one of its founders who went online to try to expose some people that had not, to put it politely, lived up to his expectations.

There was no web site visible, so he decided to create one. Hence the birth of, 2 years in the making and now a living entity. is a Florida company headed by Peter Thorpe, a British marketing entrepreneur, Peter Rodino III, a retired lawyer, and Robert Cesaric, a successful technology entrepreneur.

Contact: Peter Thorpe - 239 243 9158

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