InstaCarma Launches New Superhero Themed Website Loaded with Videos

Bangalore, India, July 29, 2009 --( InstaCarma launched its revamped website complete with videos and a superhero mascot today. The website tries to embody some of the changes in website design and content delivery that we're witnessing today by using videos to explain about the company and its offerings. The company also paints a strong brand image by creating an original mascot - a superhero character called the "Hosting Superhero."

With the web undergoing massive changes in terms of technology and the way content is delivered, videos, which were till a few years ago considered a heavy and inconvenient medium for delivering content over the internet, are becoming ubiquitous. Static websites are giving way to dynamic sites with ever updating content, and viewers no longer even have to go the websites to view those updates since there is RSS that brings all the information into their feed readers.

InstaCarma has been adopting these changes. The company launched its blog ( a few months ago, which is growing well in popularity and hits, and has a presence on Twitter ( as well.

The company, in its blog post announcing the new website said, "We created the superhero character because of InstaCarma's stress on providing services of superlative quality. The superhero is also a representation of each InstaCarma employee, who're the true superheroes in the way they do whatever it takes to fulfill client commitments. A superhero is someone with superpowers, and that too is a reference to the level of skills that we possess
here at InstaCarma."

They go on to explain why they chose video as a medium for delivering much of the company's core message and information. "We didn't want to burden visitors with large paragraphs of text. We also wanted to connect and convey our message most effectively, so we chose video. These days with increasing internet speed, videos are becoming an increasingly popular medium for delivering content on the internet, so it made a lot of sense to go with it."

The company has of late been sharing a lot of technical information, such as fixes to issues and how-tos, through its blog. Its blog is also its mouthpiece for propagating its support management mantras, and of course, keeping people updated of company happenings. They have now incorporated all this dynamic data into their main website as well. The company says this is part of their attempt to help customers stay connected with the company "The home page of the website in fact has a dedicated panel that pulls content from our blog, so visitors can read the latest company updates, fixes and articles from the blog right on the homepage itself. We've also made it easy for visitors to stay connected with the company, by providing RSS and twitter links on our website."

The company, which has been in operation since 2003, is exhibiting for the first time at HostingCon. The new website serves well to stoke industry curiosity about the company's services and offerings which will be showcased at the event.

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