Latin American Criminal Investigators Benefit from Internet Evidence Collection Software

WebCase maker Vere Software announces sales partnership with MaTTica.

Reno, NV, July 30, 2009 --( High-tech crimes investigators in Latin America now have easier access to WebCase, an Internet evidence collection solution. WebCase maker Vere Software has partnered with MaTTica, the premier provider of digital forensic solutions in Latin America.

Latin America is currently the fastest growing region for Internet users in the world, according to studies published in early 2009. Analysts and manufacturers indicate that 1 in 10 Internet users worldwide is from Latin America. This statistic represents an approximate total of 88 million lines with 40% Internet penetration in the region's total population.

Additionally, recent studies reveal that in Latin America, 16% of middle-level employees have used their organization's computers to visit pornographic pages, while 84% said they spend several hours a week browsing the Internet from the work for personal purposes.

The main cybercrimes being committed in the region are: fraud, child pornography (of the 397 communities detected or websites with child pornography, 197 are Mexican), theft or extraction of valuable information, satellite signal cloning, and credit card data phishing.

“Crime proliferates globally via the Internet, and the ability of investigators worldwide to document the evidence is critical,” said Todd Shipley, Vere Software president and CEO. “This partnership makes it easier for investigators in Mexico and Colombia to collaborate with North American investigators using the same tool.”

According to Andres Velazquez, digital investigations director and founder of MaTTica, “MaTTica, the first computer forensics lab in Latin America, is always looking for cutting edge technology tools that ensure that we are going to be one step ahead in the tracking, prevention and investigation of crimes committed with technology devices.

“The agreement that we signed with Vere Software confirms the interest of MaTTica, to provide to Latin American companies, tools and procedures to ensure and perpetuate its operation, as well as providing security and protection to the integrity of users who browse the Internet every day.”

About MaTTica:
MaTTica®, meaning “self-investigation” in nahuatl language, is the first computer forensics lab in Latin America. Aligned to the best practices, standards and procedures of the leading research agencies worldwide, MaTTica's professional team works in crime prevention and investigation, providing to their clients and organizations protection and security for their physical, logical (information) and moral property. For further information please visit:

About Vere Software:
Incorporated in February 2007, Vere Software, Inc. designs, develops, programs, and markets software and hardware built upon concepts related to online evidence collection and preservation. Offered to both public and private markets domestically and internationally, Vere Software's WebCase and related products meet the standard for criminal legal defensibility by logging, date and time stamping collected Internet evidence, then authenticating it via one of a number of accepted hash algorithms.

About WebCase:
WebCase is the flagship product of Vere Software. The first software built for legally defensible evidence collection from Web pages and social networking sites, WebCase digitally “fingerprints” its evidence using commonly accepted hash algorithms.

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